Wildlife: why the elephant's trunk is needed?

One day I was walking with my daughter at the zoo.As we approached the cage with the African elephant, the daughter asked me a question, at first glance seemingly simple: "Mom, why did the elephant trunk is needed?"I hastened to explain to her that it is his "hands."Daughter quite suit my explanation, but I was very - no.I was wondering, what is the full functionality of this uncomplicated body belonging to the largest land animals in the world, in other words, what the elephant's trunk?Let's understand this together!

Why did the elephant trunk is needed?

Personally I thought it was a semblance of hands, nose and mouth at the same time.Having read all kinds of literature, I realized that I was close to the truth.Comrades, it turns out, the elephant's trunk is quite versatile!Some of its purpose, you do not even guess!

Smell and lips

The first is, of course, the sense of smell!Trunk - a nose of an elephant.Turning it in different directions, the animal is easy to recognize different smells,

different animal, human or danger.Besides smelling trunk of an elephant and is used as the lips.With the help of his pet easily gets and puts in his mouth food.

"Hands" and "breadwinner"

Perhaps the most important explanation of why the elephant's trunk is needed, it is, of course, his second "hand"!Since this is a herbivore, such a "hand" allowing mammal easily pluck leaves or whole branches from the upper tiers of trees, as well as to draw water from rivers and lakes.By the way, the last - this is quite an interesting moment in the life of elephants.Many people are not so much interested in why the elephant's trunk is needed, as that for which he pours himself out of it?Friends, well, it's just - it's the most common cooling shower, a necessary measure in a fairly hot days, but as you know, in places of permanent habitat of elephants - India and Africa - summer lasts all year long ... But back to our "sheep".The trunk helps not only to pluck leaves, but also to ward off a variety of insects, biting terrestrial giant.In addition, with the help of an elephant's trunk is scratched.By the way, all this explains why an elephant long trunk.Evolution does not sleep!The short proboscis can hardly cope with the above objectives would.

Self Defense

One important function of the trunk in the life of the animal is the ability to defend against enemies.Multi-organ - is enviable "weapon" against different enemies.I was interested to find out what impact the elephant's trunk is so powerful that sometimes leads to instant death of his abuser!But in most cases, it is, of course, just injuries.

means of communication

With an elephant's trunk produces a different sound to help these animals communicate with each other.In addition, without it there are none courtship.It is this body of elephant favor with females ...

trunk, my - my enemy!

When people realized what a great hidden functionality in a single elephant body, then do not hesitate a long time, the animal became subordinate to his will.For example, the British colonialists for a long time used the elephant's trunk and as the workforce.Not only were they Negroes!The fact is that with the help of an elephant's trunk easily shakes the trees, carries heavy objects (eg logs), paving the way there, where there is a continuous off-road.

That's understood!

So here, dear friends, the trunk - is a versatile and vital organ of any elephant - both Indian and African!Now that I know the full picture of the information, I could easily answer the question of his daughter!