Shrub turf - a reliable assistant landscape designer

shrub turf - a favorite herb landscape designers.Its name is from the Latin can be translated as "horn".Wood turf - very heavy and dense.The nature of its heat-loving species grow in the southern countries: in Central Africa and Latin America.A more frost - throughout the Northern Hemisphere.As deciduous and evergreen, shrub turf surprisingly beautiful.Effectively looks its foliage, small but elegant white flowers and contrasting colored shoots.Landscape Architects are often used for a variety of compositions turf - a bush, photo which can be found in any magazine devoted to decorating gardens.Let's take a brief look at what care requires the plant.

Dern White (bush): description and characteristics

This is a very common kind - in nature, it grows throughout Russia, except for the northern areas in Korea and China.Up to three meters in height.Shoots turf dark red, brown or black with a reddish tint.This adds an additional decorative bushes.On young shoots often seen matt gray patina.It disappears wh

en the shrub turf becomes greater.Small white flowers begin to appear in early summer.Repeat flowering occurs in September.Unless, of course, the fall will not give too cold.Thus, the shrub turf at the same time in this period is decorated with bluish fruits, and many buds.This gives it a very nice look.Flowering and fruiting of turf usually begins after he reaches the age of three.This shrub is very hardy: it transfers the heat, shade, poor soil, air pollution, without compromising the quality foliage.Because of this, he is a frequent guest of the city front gardens.It is used by designers for hedges, planting alleys and lawns.Decorative shapes turf different colored leaves.Often they have a colored border.Or, conversely, the contrast middle of the sheet.For example, the turf covered gauhulta yellowish and pink spots.Because of this, he looks blooming almost year round.Red turf up white.Its inflorescence larger.The leaves are like green with a reddish tinge, and almost burgundy.Some varieties speckled with yellow dots.

Farming turf

Shrub need to be planted in groups.In the instances should remain away from sixty centimeters.It is desirable to put them in the soil fertilized with compost and humus.The top layer of sand or clay to add, depending on what the ground is lacking.You can do without the drainage and without the control of acidity: as already mentioned, the turf is unpretentious and grows well in any soil.Summer shrub can compost in the spring - mineral fertilizers.Moderate watering involves half a bucket of water on one adult plant every week.Care turf will be incomplete if you do not produce a regular haircut this shrub.Thinning of the crown should not be too intense.It must be done in the spring.Too much cutting can cause uncontrolled growth of bushes.