Weight gain: drugs and exercises

We talk on the topic of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding.Immediately, we note that we do not advertise and do not praise doping, but if you've already decided to get on this path, it is only your choice.Remember that the phenomenal increase in body weight, muscle volume and power performance is possible only at the use of anabolic steroids.This is true.However, if you lose, you are engaged in subsistence, because the road back will not be simple.

Anabolic steroids: it

Anabolic steroids are pharmacological agents that are able to mimic the effects of testosterone (male sex hormone).They greatly accelerate protein synthesis within muscle fibers that results in the shortest possible time to the explicit muscle hypertrophy (ie, their increase in volume).This fact has become a prerequisite for the spread of steroids in bodybuilding and other sports (running, boxing, weightlifting, football, etc.).Their action is divided into two kinds of activities: anabolic and androgenic.What is their essence?Read a

bout it on.

anabolic effect

  1. significant increase in body mass (muscle) to 10 kg per course.
  2. as strength.
  3. marked increase endurance.
  4. strengthens bone tissue.
  5. Fat Burning (a balanced diet).
  6. The number of red blood cells.

course, most interested in the first 3 athletes effects that help achieve insane results, koi can not be obtained by physical training.

androgenic effects

  1. Virilization.
  2. Baldness.
  3. testicular atrophy.
  4. Masculinization.
  5. prostatic hypertrophy.

Today being more and more work on the development of steroids, which have a low androgenic effect, in order to avoid such effects.At the moment, these are already known anabolic (Anavar, Turinabol, Winstrol, and others), but no full security can not guarantee.

side effects of anabolic steroids

most painful issue, which for many people is a mythical danger.In fact, things are not as bad as many people think.Well, try to list the most common side effects of doping of this type:

  1. "steroid rage", which manifests itself in irritability.
  2. Hypertension.
  3. Quite often there is acne (acne).
  4. increases libido (sexual attraction to the opposite sex).
  5. frequent mood swings.
  6. Some steroids retain liquid.
  7. gynecomastia.
  8. Women pretty negative side effect - it masculinization.
  9. hepatotoxicity (liver damage).
  10. Baldness.
  11. Seborrhoea (rare).
  12. Increased appetite.
  13. Increase self-esteem.

All these "pobochki" observed during the course of treatment with anabolic steroids.As we have said, these drugs for weight gain mimic the action of testosterone, and therefore the majority of adverse effects is due to the hormonal failure.

After the course there are side effects:

  1. Reduced libido.
  2. addictive.It's not really a physical but rather psychological dependence when a person feels on the course, "Superman", and when it ends, all figures in sport and sexuality are falling significantly.
  3. Testicular atrophy (at extremely high dosages and exaggerating the duration of the course).
  4. doldrums.

However, when drawing up the best course and passing the PCT by its end all the side effects can be minimized or excluded altogether.In addition, preparations for weight gain are more dangerous (Anadrol, Testoviron, methane and others) and less dangerous (Anavar, Primobolan, Turinabol, Winstrol, Sustanon, etc.).In general, observe all instructions, recommendations, and consider going through FCT in order to minimize side effects.

Top steroids

All bodybuilders, most coming up to the natural "ceiling" set of muscle mass, think about taking anabolic steroids.Remember that all professional bodybuilders (everything) take a drug (steroids, insulin, growth hormone).The development of modern science allows the use of anabolic steroids is most effective with minimal complications and health.Nevertheless, it is worth noting that it is absolutely safe drugs do not exist.All the "Pharma" sooner or later, will have an effect.Now we'll try to tell you about the best steroids, known at the moment.Let's start!

  1. best drugs to increase body mass (muscle):
  • methandrostenolone.
  • Testosterone.
  • Nandrolone.
  • trenbolone.
  • Anadrol.
  • Boldenone.
  • Sustanon 250.

2. Top preparations for drying and relief:

  • Anavar.
  • Winstrol.
  • Masteron.
  • trenbolone.Testosterone propionate
  • .

Top courses in a set of muscle mass

We'll talk about dual courses that allow you to increase the volume of muscle mass and power indicators.Efficacy in strict compliance with and balanced diet can range from 7-8 kg per 1 month.Let's begin.

course №1:

  • 1 until the end of 4 weeks of 20 mg daily methane.
  • 1 until the end of 10 weeks at 400 mg Primobolan / week of boldenone.
  • 1 to the end of the 10 weeks of 250 mg of testosterone etantata week.

That's the way to look like a course.To prevent androgen pobochek (gynecomastia, water retention) is taking anti-estrogens.The best choice is anastrozole, starting with 3 weeks and 11 weeks with 0.5 mg every 1-2 days.For natural testosterone return to normal levels with 8 and 12 week should take 500 units gonadotropin 2 times per week.After the course you should definitely go FCT.For example, take tamoxifen with 14 and 16 weeks (1 week - 40 mg, 2 - 20 mg of 3 - 10 mg).

course №2:

  • 1 until the end of 4 weeks of 40 mg daily Turinabol.
  • 1 to the end of the 10 weeks of 500 mg of testosterone etantata week.

Just as in the previous course, is to take anti-estrogens.The same principle can take anostrozol.From 7 until the end of 11 weeks, take 250 units of gonadotropin.After a course similar to the first pass rate of PBC.

course №3:

  • 1 until the end of 4 weeks of 60 mg of Anadrol (Anadrol) daily.
  • 1 until the end of 8 weeks of 50 mg trenbolone acetate every day.
  • 1 until the end of 8 weeks of 250 mg Sustanon 250 weekly 1

antiestrogens accept and pass on the PBC already known method.It is worth noting that this course is one of the most toxic and dangerous to health and, therefore, to use it too often is not recommended.However, the effectiveness of such a phenomenal rate (up to 15 kg per year).

best rates for drying and relief

immediately proceed to the description.

course №1:

  • 1 until the end of 6 weeks to 30 mg of stanozolol (Winstrol tablets).
  • 1 until the end of 6 weeks, 100 mg testosterone propionate every other day.

Starting from 2 weeks start receiving anastrozole known scheme 5 weeks.From 8 to 10 week pass FCT using tamoxifen.

course №2

  • 1 until the end of 10 weeks at 400 mg boldenone / Primobolan per week.
  • 1 to the end of the 10 weeks of 250 mg per week of testosterone etantata

From 3 to 11 a week take anastrozole.From 7 to 11 weeks - 250 units of gonadotropin 2 times a week.Go FCT with tamoxifen.

These are combined courses.Know that there is no such thing as a pill for weight gain.To improve your fitness, only few consume some drug, because have to work hard in the hall, and to respect the right to eat.It was then that the results are not long in coming.


We will not write much on this subject, but simply make a modicum of clarity to this concept.Sports nutrition for weight gain - it is not an anabolic steroid and chemicals are common supplements that are specifically designed for athletes, leading an active way of life.They are all made with natural products, which include eggs, whey, soy, milk.For sports nutrition include proteins, Creatine, amino acids, creatine, vitamins and minerals, fat burners and pre-workout facilities.Most beginners are tapered too much attention only gainer and protein.Nevertheless, it is quite a blunder.For example, vitamins for weight gain are important enough, the body of the athlete is much more in need than an ordinary person.They help to overcome the so-called plateau.Creatine can increase the power rates, and amino acids prevent catabolism.In general, all kinds of sports nutrition are important enough.

Exercise for weight gain

First of all, these include basic exercises that allow complex pump body of an athlete.Let's specify in more detail all the movements aimed at the development of a particular muscle group.

  • Chest - most regimes exercises (bench press barbell / dumbbell bench press in the "Hammer") and dips.
  • Back - all kinds of rods and pull-ups.
  • Legs - leg presses and squats.
  • Biceps - lifting barbell / dumbbell.
  • Triceps - narrow grip barbell bench press, a French press.
  • Shoulders - military press, mahi.

only perform these exercises, you will achieve great accomplishments in bodybuilding.Of course, weight gain, the reasons why - it's the excess calories and restore damaged areas of the muscles is only possible with a balanced diet, however, and systematic training is very important.