How to update the maps on the navigator at home

Navigator for car - this innovation in the modern world has become an integral part of the management and comfortable cars, as well as an important touch car interior.However, it often happens that it comprises the acquisition of insufficient information needed for faster and more secure movement.What to do in such a situation, if the professional service center service to download new cards is not cheap?I'll tell you how to update the maps on the navigator at home, without the need for expensive professional help.

What you need to consider before you update the maps in the navigator?

The first thing to ascertain whether the update is suitable for your browser.In order not to waste time, even before the upgrade card in the browser, you must clearly know the name of your program and whether there is an update for that program.Then you can connect the device to your computer and download the desired file in the folder reserved for him.If this is met, then the proper loading of all necessary work.And

the next time you travel by car will simply enjoy the world around them, having a realistic idea of ​​the right direction of motion.

How often should I update?

Many drivers want to always stay aware of any changes that occur, where they move, which is why the card on the navigator is recommended to regularly update.But what is this regularity?How long it is safe to use the newly downloaded maps?These questions are not easy.

In fact, there is a certain interval between the position updates - quarter, but stick with it, not all producers, but only value their reputation and range of users of their products.The fact that each firm producing navigators, these individual actions.Update interval maps producers varies from one to six months.On the one hand, when it is updated frequently, maybe even great to be always up to date, but on the other - is not always convenient to change them so often, constantly thinking about it, and spend each month means not everyone likes.

How to update the navigation map

mostly in browsers already contains the program to download updates, but even if it does not, just enough presence of the Internet in the search engine enter the desired model, the program - and all.You can, of course, resort to the help of professionals, but to update the maps on the navigator is not that difficult and most.So why spend money on something that you can do at home for free, especially because it does not take so much time?

nuances, you might encounter

How to update maps on the navigator?For this it is necessary to consider some points.

First, you should know the model of the navigator, the name of the program.

Now there is a new version of the multi-functional program, with which she pumped automatically produces when to update the maps when they received the most updates and all this regardless of the model of your navigator.It independently selects the desired update is for the model and its features.Here are confident that this program does not carry with it any viruses that can destroy not only your browser and its contents, and your computer by means of which will be to download updates, no.

Secondly, you have to be sure that the program you will be updated (the same card) - it really is a new version.

Third, in the event that you have decided to find out exactly how to update the maps on their own navigator, use only reliable sources for updates, since the Internet is full of a variety of fake versions of which manufacturers are cashing in on the inexperienced user.