What is the reaction to the DPT vaccination, and how to help your child in case of complications?

Today, parents are suspicious of vaccination.Increasingly, the news suggests that the baby suffered a bad vaccine and severe complications was in the hospital.Unfortunately, there are cases when after vaccination the child becomes ill, his health deteriorating, he becomes irritable and sleeping poorly.All this is true.But you need to be vaccinated.At least in order to be calm in case of infection.It is known that the disease will pass easier if people vaccinated against certain viruses and infectious bacteria.For example, DTP - one of the important and mandatory vaccinations.Let's look at what to expect after vaccination and how to help the child move the body getting used to the vaccination.

DTP - an important vaccination

What do you know about such diseases as tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria?Chances are, you know how they are terrible.By refusing to vaccinate your child, you take responsibility for his life and health.Integrated DTP vaccination is the most important vaccinations, and WHO st

rongly recommends not to abandon her.The vaccine consists of dead cells pathogens.After administration of the drug the body remembers his enemies, and at the meeting will include a powerful defense.Vaccinating a child, you are helping him to get stronger, multiply immunity.The response to the vaccine DTP, of course, can be observed.But that is no reason to abandon it.

How the body responds to the DTP

get a dose of the bacteria, the body begins to study them and develop immunity.There is a serious restructuring of the entire immune system.Like it or not, but the response to the vaccine may be any.It would be strange if the body does not respond to the vaccine.And the first reaction will be visible within 1-3 days.First, the injection site turns red and pripuhnet.This is normal.Just a few hours after the procedure the child becomes irritable and restless, is capricious, refuse to eat.Secondly, after the vaccination the child may experience an upset stomach and the emergence of the gag reflex.Do not be scared.Third, the reaction to the DPT vaccination may occur in the temperature (from low to very high).Fourth, there is no certainty that will not have an allergy.

What if the apparent reaction to the DTP

In the case of vomiting and diarrhea should give the baby to drink more to avoid dehydration.It is better to give a little salted water, bouillon.The child refuses to eat - do not force it.Appetite will come back with time.If the body temperature soared over 38 degrees, immediately give the baby antipyretic and monitor its status.Let more sleeps.At high temperatures, the reaction to the DPT vaccination may be in the form of seizures or choking cough.In this case, you should immediately call an ambulance.Do not go after vaccination on the street, do not visit a place with many people.Any infection is now dangerous for the child.If the reaction to the vaccine DTP manifested in the form of allergy, you must observe.If there was the slightest swelling on the body, and it grows - immediately to the hospital.Sometimes after grafting point such complication as angioedema.This reaction occurs within the first 20 minutes after administration of the vaccine.

Draw conclusions

We hope that you will make the right conclusions.DPT vaccination is needed.Making it mandatory.It is to protect your child.A reaction to the vaccine, though occur, but quickly pass.