How to treat eczema on the hands and what it is?

Dermatitis - dermatosis chronic nature of inflammation of the upper layers of the skin.One of the key factors of skin rash - allergy.The disease can appear suddenly and disappear just as suddenly.In addition, a transition to a chronic form.

disease develops under the influence of many factors.Among them - a secondary immune deficiency, infectious and allergic processes, genetic predisposition, dysfunction of the endocrine and nervous systems.In order to understand how to treat eczema on the hands, consider the classification of the disease.

Eczema true or idiopathic

an acute inflammation and swelling;rash occurs bubbles, which opened in the center of the hearth.In the affected area there are the so-called point of erosion.Serous exudate (fluid) appears on the surface, forming a "serous wells".

microbial forms

Etiology and pathogenesis of eczema studied well.The disease occurs in areas of venous ulcers, varices, infected wounds.Microbial eczema - what is it?Paratravmaticheskaya or okoloranevaya

form differs from the others.Most often, the process begins asymmetrically on the back of the hands, legs, or on the head.

Tiloticheskaya (mozolevidnaya) form of eczema on the hands (photos shows how serious it may be a disease) characterized by the fact that where the bubble develops hyperkeratosis.Furthermore, there is a thickening of the stratum corneum.The disease is accompanied by severe itching.

causes of disease can be determined only by the doctor.Dermatologists say that the disease occurs due to a combination of changes in the nervous and endocrine system.The basis always lie in the violation of human immune system.This gives rise to an allergy - reaction to the occurring processes, which manifests itself as a skin rash.Genetics play a large role in the appearance of the disease.

How to treat eczema on the hands, and what stage of the disease there?

There are two main stages - chronic and acute.In chronic eczema affected skin of the limbs and trunk.There are clear limits rash;basically they are symmetrical.During the acute stage of the process captures the entire skin, and is its swelling.

How to treat eczema on the hands, using medical therapy?The physician may prescribe hormonal agents, antibiotics, antihistamines, fluid lubrication bubbles vitamin therapy.Sometimes prescribed drugs for insomnia.Without treatment may develop such diseases as eczema herpeticum Kaposi.

How to treat eczema on the hands of their own?It should be especially careful to care for your hands.What is recommended to take as prevention?There are rules that help in the prevention and treatment of the disease has already begun.

  • First, we should as little as possible to wet hands and detergents at the time of the termination of the items.
  • If you have to deal with household cleaning, washing the dishes when you need to use rubber gloves.
  • important to lubricate the skin nourishing cream hands before working with the water, and after.It is necessary to restore a regular layer of fat.
  • should adhere to the recommended diet;I do not eat those foods that cause allergies.
  • carefully monitor exactly when the rash appears.Perhaps it is under stress.
  • necessary to limit exposure to the sun, and when entering the street be sure to use sunscreen.

Eczema can be treated only under the supervision of a dermatologist.To obtain positive results apply comprehensive treatment, but essential drugs are still a special ointment.