Plant Euonymus alatus - decorate the plot of bright bushes

Shrub Euonymus alatus - beautiful original plant used in landscaping to create hedges.Dwarf varieties of plants are usually not more than eighty centimeters.They can even be grown in pots - so Euonymus alatus compactus decorate a terrace or a spacious balcony.A single bush can become a highlight of a small lawn or a blend in composition rockeries and alpine slide.

Euonymus alatus - especially in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcultivation and indoor

plant decorates a monochromatic garden foliage saturated color.And closer to autumn it appear reddish fruit.Sometimes Euonymus alatus and with variegated leaves - it rarely blooms and bears fruit.The plant is suitable partial shade or scattered light.It is appropriate to place it on your site so that it was next to sprawling fruit trees.The bright sun will not cause significant harm euonymus, but only provoke the appearance of a yellowish tint on the leaves and brown spots on the stems.The dense shade plants will grow slowly.Painting leaves little fade - it will reduce th

e number of decoration, which has eresklet winged.Photos of the bush, made by the abundance of sun and shade, radically differ.

Best of all will feel the plant at a temperature of twenty degrees Celsius.At the higher it should be frequently watered and sprayed daily.If you keep Euonymus alatus indoors in the winter it must be moved to a cooler room.In no case do not put the plant near radiators - a trigger reset leaves.At home, frequent watering, spraying and wash the leaves, too, even mandatory.If the plant is left for the winter in the open field, it is necessary to hide sawdust or pine needles.In the early spring of euonymus need to slowly start to water, increasing the amount of water gradually.If frost should hide again.If it grows in a pot at home, each year euonymus have to repot in fresh soil and feed.From the room you can move on land - this should be done in late spring, after the established warm weather.The plant should be cut annually.But this procedure can not be combined with a change - will be too strong for the load euonymus, so that it can become weakened and die.

Features bright bush

Euonymus alatus gardener helps combat pests.If they get turned on fruit trees, it is having trouble spraying them with pesticides (do not want to do that).A planted close euonymus lures pests - they go at it and can easily be destroyed by any chemicals.Only in the case of the moth blossom beetle and the plant will not help.Another feature of euonymus, forcing to treat it carefully - it is poisonous fruit.Therefore, if you have small children, then it probably is not for you plant.Eating fruit can cause severe poisoning.