Gurza - a dangerous snake, but with a valuable medicine for poison

Gurza - snake belonging to the family of viper.It is a large muscular reptile reaches a length of 1.4 m or more.Muzzle her blunt, sharp angles temporal act.On top of the head are ribbed flakes which decrease towards the eyes.The body is thick, stumpy, gray-brown tones.On the back is a series of dark brown transversely elongated spots and on the sides there are a number of smaller similar markings.The underside of the upper body and lighter, too, with spots.That appearance is a viper snake.Photo shows it well.Occasionally there are plain individuals.Males are generally larger than females.

According to the official classification of this reptile called the Levant viper.She inhabits in India, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Mediterranean countries, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Central Asia and the Caucasus.Gurza, and sometimes "coffin snake", it is called only in the last two mentioned places.She settles in the dry foothills, gorges of the mountains, river valleys, and in the vineyards and on the

outskirts of villages.Cropland it did not scare.

Gurza - venomous snake with a potent poison.Her teeth are long, slightly curved, arranged parallel to the sky.When the mouth is opened, teeth, straightening, become almost perpendicular to the sky.Jaws viper mobile and teeth can also come to the fore.Snake bites like a dagger.

bite of viper is dangerous to humans, t. To. Effects on the blood, destroying the walls of blood vessels and red blood cells.Measures to introduce antidotal serum should be taken immediately.Otherwise, there is faintness, and sometimes death occurs.

Gurza - snake pretty safe, especially if forced to defend his own life.The first people she does not attack.Like all of viper, viper at a meeting with a person prefers to crawl or coiled, wait a moment when you can escape.If the meeting took place suddenly, she will attack with lightning speed, without warning of any hiss or posture.

Unlike the members of this family, willingly eats small birds and chicks viper.Snake for that climbs up a tree or shrub, hides in the trees and waiting for prey.He caught a bird, she bites her and holding in his mouth, waiting until she stops twitching, and then swallows it.In the case of hunting ground viper behaves differently.She bites the victim (lizards, rodents, and others.) And crawls to the side, waiting for the poison.Expectation not last long, a minute or a little more.The direction of movement of the victim feeling the soil determines the viper tongue.Then she crawls and swallows prey.Hungry viper may attack the chickens in poultry.Moreover, in the heat of the hunt, she can break into the yard, undeterred by the presence of people, and not always retreats when they are trying to get rid of it.

Gurza - snake migratory activity it depends on the temperature of the soil.After hibernation in the crevices of the rocks, where they are going to set a snake crawl around the neighborhood.In the spring they are active during the day and in the summer - at night.With the establishment of hot weather snake down below, closer to the water, where you can and drink, swim and hunt the birds flew to the watering.With cooling again become the daytime inhabitants, until the occurrence of the winter.

Mating takes place in early May, and the young appears at the beginning of autumn.Surprisingly, in Central Asia viper lay eggs, and embryos in them are well developed, and there are days through snake 40. In other places there is a birth of snakes in the dense shell from which they are released within an hour.

Despite the harm and danger that can cause viper venom is very much appreciated and it is widely used in medicine.