British Shorthair - a description of the breed

Cats - beautiful, graceful creatures that attracted people for centuries.They are bred and worshiped in ancient Egypt.In today's world, displayed a lot of rocks.For example, among the lovers of pets popular British Shorthair, which was bred in the XIX century in the UK.Cats, who were the first representatives of the breed, not like the modern British.Current animals belonging to this breed, were withdrawn as a result of continuous selection by crossing the British cats with Persians.The legacy of the British cats British inherited feature of the structure of the body, from the Persians - uniformity of color.Dilute this breed in nurseries throughout the world.


belonging to this breed of cats have a large enough magnitude and massive physique.In animals, squat body, broad shoulders, powerful chest.These features, which is a British Shorthair, do breed quite recognizable.Neck cats thick and short, the head is large, broad snout, round eyes, big.Their color can be varied.There are varieties of

the breed with blue eyes, emerald green, but more often Britons with eyes bright orange.The British short nose, at the base of his back slightly caved.When viewed in profile, the British Shorthair is the transition from the forehead to the nose is not pronounced, but at the same time, conspicuous.The animals are small, with rounded tips ears placed low and wide.The short thick tail tapers slightly towards the end.Legs strong and short, wide legs.Wool cats have a dense undercoat and a plush texture.For this reason, the British call "plush" cats.

The color of British Shorthair meet all colors.If cats coat solid color, it must have a uniform color.For example, black, blue, chocolate, cream, white, red, lilac, cinnamon.There are colors tortie, tabby, smoky.Color-point color reminiscent of Siamese cats: white body, darker tail, ears, paws and "mask" on the face.Color bicolor the British - a combination of white and primary colors.As a basic common solid and tortoiseshell.Sixty-five species known to Britons who are different coat color.

nature of the breed and care

British Shorthair differs gentle disposition, cleanliness, accuracy and intelligence.Get used to the cat litter.The breed is very calm.Cats like to be in the company of people, create comfort.Featured cat being in the house, she should be able to easily navigate through it, and require regular and proper feeding.The diet, which should have a cat british includes boiled lean meat, boiled eggs, lean sea fish and milk.To supply the British can use special dry food.Make sure the cat should be in a bowl of fresh water.As the care of the British enough to comb them and periodically clean the eyes, teeth, nose and ears and claws cut.