We learn how old crows live

Persistence of these birds depends on many factors, chief among them is inhabited by crows.In the wild, these birds live quite a bit - on the strength of fifteen years.This is due to the fact that they will continually in danger, and the frequent lack of food inevitably reduces their days.So how many crows live in freedom - is a matter of chance or luck.

If you decide to settle the bird house, the duration of her life depends entirely on you.With proper care and nutrition, it can be your friend for over thirty years.Previously, there was a belief that crows can live about three hundred years.Of course, it's not so easy to believe, but there are proven information.There have been occasions when these amazing beings lived to be seventy years.Therefore, the question of how many years of live ravens, rather complicated and ambiguous.

These birds are very unusual and mysterious.And how many years of live ravens, it depends not only on the outside world, but also from themselves.However, they are very cl

ever and in rare cases have a short life.For example, we often see as the crow something passionately pecks on the road.And when approaching the vehicle, it will not be in a panic rush in different directions, but just depart on the sidewalk, knowing that the car will not go there, and then continue their meal.There have also been cases in which a raven, who could not crack a nut to get out food, just lozhila it on the roadway.Then she waited for the nut will drive the car.Once this happens, the bird quietly proceeded to the feast.

question "How old crows live?"It is ambiguous.But in their mental abilities and tricks no doubt.Which only tricks are not going to save your life for themselves and their offspring.A case where a crow's nest, where the chicks, stalking cat.And in order to save their children, the crow began to imitate the barking of dogs and did it so convincingly that frightened domestic predator and thus saved my family.In addition, these birds are well developed so-called "spirit of unity".They are always ready to help each other if there is a threat to life one of the "brothers".

Ravens, long time living with a man, and acquired some of his skills.And just like humans, these birds are able to have fun.They tease the animals in different ways, and then fly away, thus playing with them.In addition, these cheerful birds were observed for children's favorite pastime - riding a roller coaster.Only streaming down from the roof, they, using a variety of items that are and are, making these fascinating manipulation.

Ravens can not but arouse admiration.At least for the fact that their intelligence is incredibly amazing.According to the level of this bird is in second place after a person with dolphins and chimpanzees.Although we can not rule out that crows are much smarter than the so-called "father" of the person, but you can not say anything for sure.However, there is no doubt that we still do not know much about these amazing birds.Including remains not completely resolved the question of the article - so how old crows live?