Melissa - grass, heart soothing and pleasing digestion

long been helping people regain and maintain health herb balm.Applying it as a sedative it is practiced in almost all European countries.The leaves of this plant contain a remarkable quality of essential oil.It is a means of having a pronounced effect, to mitigate the pain in the heart, tachycardia attacks, as well as to normalize heart rate and lowering blood pressure.

addition, Melissa - grass, rich in vitamin C and a variety of organic acids.This combination is favorable to use it in cooking.Nutritionists are actively incorporating it into meals that contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, and rapid digestion.In the dry form, Melissa - grass, has a pleasant spicy flavor, so is used as a seasoning for meat and fish.Fresh leaves it put in soups and salads are cut.From it brewed tea or added to other beverages.In France, it is recommended to eat three times a day in order to avoid dizziness, and is actively working brain.

the Balkans Melissa - grass, relieves spasms and pain.In Bu

lgaria, it is - an effective tool against diseases of the digestive tract.With it, you get rid of excessive gas output toxic wastes.For this brew one teaspoon of dried material to a glass of boiling water, stand ten minutes and drink on an empty stomach three times a day for half a cup.In our country, it is used as a remedy for headaches and disorders of sleep.Decoction of her skin when washed with abrasions and rinse your mouth with stomatitis.Packs of alcohol tinctures relieves aching joints and muscles.In ancient times to the poorly healing wounds applied fresh green leaves, because always grew up next to the housing people Melisa grass.Photo applied to this article demonstrates the kind of this remarkable plant.

voodoo recipes recommended in colic drink 150 ml of decoction of the herb Melissa.To cook it you need one tablespoon of raw materials to brew cup boiling water and let stand one hour and then strain and drink three times a day before meals.

In order to get rid of tinnitus, you need a few leaves of fresh herbs finely break up, pour a tablespoon of vodka, seal the bubble, does not escape to aromatics and leave for leaching of nutrients for seven days in the refrigerator.Ready to dig in a drug for the night in each ear, three droplets.

Pharmacology offers Melissa essential oil for the treatment of various diseases.For example, for the treatment of cough effective inhalation.For this purpose a few drops of oil should be added to hot water and steam to breathe.This procedure is necessary for viral respiratory diseases and flu.To get rid of sores in the mouth is recommended to lubricate them twice a day, Melissa oil.With this oil care for problem skin, do massage, add a few drops in the bath to relieve nervous tension.