recently in post-Soviet countries, few people knew about the abbreviation ATU.Explanation (counterterrorist operation) is now known to everyone, because in Ukraine more than a year lasts virtually no one declared war.But it all started much earlier.

first "terrorists" maydanovtsy

first of ATO (decoding of abbreviations, see above) in the Ukraine started talking February 19, 2014, when the revolution in Kiev on Independence Square was in full swing.The decision to conduct anti-terrorist operations took the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine).

After several bloody days in the city center then-President Yanukovych fled the country to avoid falling into the hands of the "people's justice".Came to power new leaders who put forward the revolutionary Maidan.Fighting in the capital of Ukraine stopped, as the action of the ATO, but time has shown that this was only the beginning ...

The next Donetsk

Soon, supporters of the "Russian world" in Crimea, with the support of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia ho

ld a referendum about disconnecting peninsula fromUkraine.According to the results of the referendum becomes a part of the autonomous republic of the Russian Federation.After these events, in the eastern regions of Ukraine the situation is no less tense: armed men with Russian flags and St. George's ribbon capture state institutions and require federalization.After some time, the situation becomes even hotter - militias decide by referendum to create Donetsk People's Republic.

Soon.about.President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that starting military operation against "armed pro-Russian separatist terrorists."He argued that what is happening in Donetsk, provoked cheating "Russian propaganda citizens of Ukraine."It was also signed a decision on the involvement of armed forces in the ATO.Explanation (Ukraine has a law "On Combating Terrorism") according to the law is: a set of special equipment aimed at minimizing the consequences of a terrorist attack.

Implications of the establishment of the People's Republic of Lugansk

Following Donetsk decided to create their own republic also advocates the federalization of Lugansk.Thus, the area of ​​the ATO, deciphering which begins to lose its meaning has expanded.Now half the area of ​​the eastern provinces were full-fledged fighting that eventually more and more like war.

On the territory of Donbass started this game intelligence.As Ukrainian military and armed militia are constantly trying to intercept the conversations of the territory called "Area ATO."Explanation of one of them, who provided the media Kiev authorities, evidence of the involvement of the Russian Federation to the events.On the tape recorded conversation the leaders of small arms and Bezler DNI, who spoke on the supply of Russian weapons in the Donbass.Figurants records show that the films are mounted.The Russian authorities, in turn, deny the sacrament to the Russian armed conflict.

When will the ATO?

Deciphering conversations and continuous fighting have not led to anything good.Lugansk and Donetsk regions partially destroyed.Lifebuoy in this situation made Minsk, where on several occasions to negotiate gathered representatives of Ukrainian authorities, militia, Russia and Europe.As a result of these meetings in the area of ​​the ATO (transcript abbreviations in the current reality is outdated) twice already established a truce, the last of which lasts to this day.

Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that they are ready to provide all areas of the country more authority at the local level, but it is not to resolve the situation in the Donbass, which remains stable complex.What will happen next is probably known only to "big politics" and to God.