Fires in Tyumen and the Tyumen region

Recently, in the Tyumen region are increasingly occurring fires.Especially in homes.This in itself is a disaster.And if this is still killing people, the real grief.What caused all?And how to reduce the number of fires?Let's talk about this in our article today.

Heavy autumn

Even last year, the public area was disturbed by the terrible news.Killed as many as five people - members of one family.September 17 was a fire in Tyumen, in a private house, which is located on the collective street.All lost their lives.This four-year boy and a girl, and their younger sister 11 months old, and their 36-year-old mother and grandmother, who was 58.

What happened?That at that time did not know.Causes of fires are usually set after the examination of fire-technical nature.And since the situation is clear - causing the death of two (or more persons) - it was a criminal case.

Terrible tragedy

winter of 2014 - again, emergency drills, and very eerie.One woman in the village Yarkovo rented accommodation.From th

e house is gone (in the afternoon) and leave young children alone there.

Three baby (age - from two months to a year) and the year-old boy were closed with a key.Carefree mother went to her friend drink beer.Then the two went to a cafe.The children's mother saw it, she danced.And apparently forgot everything.And when three nights returned home, she saw the lifeless bodies have all four.

experts consider several versions of the incident.Among them - the problem of electrical appliances and careless handling of fire.The children died of acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

mother was in shock.With it even had a psychologist.Against it initiated proceedings under Article.The court ordered her to three years imprisonment in the colony.

again children suffered

In May this year, the fires in Tyumen continued.Thus, the first day of the five-storey building caught fire.

On the phone "01" people have reported that the burning balcony from the first to the fifth floor in a "Khrushchev."Within five minutes firefighters arrived at the scene.Quickly taken out of the 180 apartments of tenants, among whom were 25 children.After about two hours the fire was extinguished.

Three days later - a new message arrives in the control room.Fire in Tyumen on Federal Street.It is in the private sector next to the viaduct "Arrow".Just three buildings caught fire.The smoke was all around.

started with, at 19.30 in the same house zabushevalo flames.Housing collapsed instantly - in a few minutes.While firefighters raced here, the flames get close to the neighboring buildings.And soon broke out, and the third.And, as they say Tyumentsev first two buildings completely destroyed the Red Rooster.The latter touched the roof.

Around these houses gathered: MOE and experts, and police and doctors "ambulance."The district even closed for the passage of vehicles.Victims, fortunately, was not.But residents were in the open.

rescued five

took a little time - and again, firefighters rush to the call.May 8, 2015 a fire occurred in Tyumen on lesobaze.Early morning smoke poured from the windows of the apartment a two-storey residential building on the street Shipbuilders.Immediately the flames quickly spread to other buildings.They are about 20. But rescuers managed to evacuate 12 people.But five of them were literally snatched from the fire.

As explained press officer of the Ministry of Emergency Measures (Tyumen Region), the latter were locked tight, they could not jump out of the apartment, to get to the street.Corrosive dymische already walked everywhere.Rescuers wading to everyone, quickly wore special masks on people and leads them out.

47 fighters fire brigade struggled with this element via eighteen pieces of good technique.Fire localized at first, and then eliminated.

were no casualties.Only the roof of the building burnt.And in the first entrance were spoiled six apartments.Pogoreltsev temporarily settled in "Kolos" - a local hotel.

terribly forces explosion

night May 12 this year there was a terrible noise.In one two-story building explosion.Then it caught fire.Big Youth was on fire.Tyumen something began to shake often lately.One thing led to another emergency.More precisely, it was a fire in Tyumen on the street.Truth about RGC "Urartu".Geographically, the area is the above-mentioned streets.

Powerful night explosion severely damaged two fuel tanker.They somehow parked near the victims home.MOE officers arrived quickly dragged the car out of harm's way.And cut down electricity - for security reasons.

A fire has burned two dvuhetazhki, as well as a garage.The area covered by them is equal to 300 square meters.But soon the fire contained and then eliminated.

The fire killed a man and three children, as reported by the press service of the regional Investigative Department.

Who is to blame?

The list goes on.And today, the fires do not stop in Tyumen.This is a natural disaster!So, on the weekend, on 23 and 24 May this year, there were two more, and quite large.One cottage unfinished house burned up.In another case (fire in Tyumen, street Commune) also became unsuitable for living a private home.On this terrible conflagration three women managed to escape.They took refuge in the cellar and sat there, trembling with fear, until eliminated terrifying flames.

According to statistics from Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, almost 30% of all cases (including fires in Tyumen) arise due to violation of rules for the use of electrical equipment.

It happens.At night, in a room where there is a TV set, hear the crackle of dry barely noticeable.The sound is so quiet that it is not paying attention.Then apply a faint smell of smoldering plastic.And tenants just open the window to let in fresh air and go to bed.But cable in the wall is heated.For the socket - insulation failure.And the old guard in the hallway did not have time to work.It all begins to burn.It comes to the tables to the TV.And further - throughout the apartment ...

another example.Someone made home repairs.Of course, with a new modern design.Six months later, LED strip on the ceiling ceases to shine.Due to improper installation.There are also short-circuited ...

What to do?

To minimize fires in Tyumen, as well as in all other cities, it is necessary to be careful when handling fire.Carefully read what is written in the instructions for the appliances.Do not keep the house close to fire spontaneously igniting combustibles.Properly use the gas stove.

In the country (there are many buildings of wood) does not burn rubbish near the houses and dry grass, do not cook on the grill skewers.And always have to be near a large vat of water.

smoke in bed impossible.Before going to sleep walk through the apartment, all the check, turn off.

and at work in every room, corridor, flying fire extinguisher must be available and the emergency exit.