What is the maximum speed of the skaters on the track?

Many people like to watch competitions in winter sports.Also, most people are happy to deal with these kinds of self.And this is the number of speed skating.Probably, many have asked the question about what the maximum speed skaters on the track was developed during the existence of the skates.To find the answer to this question, it is necessary to consider more deeply the sport.

scientific understanding

No reliable data about what at what time were invented and created skates.The first of these types of sports agents have been found by archaeologists as they excavated the ancient people.Most interestingly, the age of some specimens of more than 3200 years.

Now a few words about the scientific understanding of skating directly on the development of a top speed on the track.By this phrase, as has been said, it meant a kind of winter sports.Maximum speed skaters on the track depends not only on the physical qualities of the athlete, but also on external factors.

All skaters compete at the stad

ium, which is covered with slippery ice.All the people run in circles, which for some is a big problem.Also, external factors include the condition of skates.

And now a few words about the maximum speed.These measurements can not be any particular unit that is held at the same level.No.These data may vary due to the physical condition of the athlete and external factors which have been mentioned above.

modern skating

All sports over time change and evolve for the better.Speed ​​skating is no exception.If you look at the description of the sport in the recent past, it is very different from the modern.About millennial change and not worth talking about.Of course, before the maximum speed skaters on the track it was not as big as it is now.

Distances track:

  • short distances.These include 500, 1000 and 1500 meters.
  • long distances.3, 5 and 10 kilometers.

All skating competitions are held on tracks which have a length of 400 meters and a width of 10 meters, not counting the additional 2.The last meters are provided specifically for the safety of skaters.Turning radius equal to 25-30 meters.Also, some modern stadia include special warming tracks which have a length of 333 meters.

Competitions are held in the doubles order.The winner is the person who has overcome the distance in the shortest possible time.Now it is necessary to say what the maximum speed skaters on the track.The answer, of course, will not be great.On average, athletes can reach 50-60 km / h.

Myths and Reality

In almost all spheres of life there are myths and fictional facts.Skating was not able to do without some of the myths that are, as you might guess, at odds with the real data and facts.

Refutation of myths:

  • race for long distance.Among ordinary people There is a myth that during a race at such distances in the Athlete's body builds up a certain amount of fatigue.And at the end of the maximum average distance speed skaters on the track it is much less than at the beginning of the race.Only in fact it is not so.Scientists investigated the condition of the people before and after the race.In most cases, after the race the athlete felt much better.Maybe the speed is less than the end of the initial data.
  • Fall.Some people believe that if a skater falls before the finish the result is not counted.Only the main rules state that when crossing the finish line results counted anyway.


speed skating - one of the toughest sports, but beautiful and exciting.Maximum speed skaters on the track can be a major challenge, because thanks to this athlete is the winner.