Correctional School: Training Program

right to education to all citizens of the Russian Federation, including children with disabilities, who can receive education in educational institutions of general type, which are usually located close to home or their second home will be correctional school.School is generic contributes to more effectively address the problems associated with integration into society and social adaptation.Integrated education is the most important and promising way of improving the educational system for children with disabilities.The forms, types of integration vary the degree of lack of physical and mental development.Education of students with disabilities takes place either in the classes of age norm or in special classes.Especially for these children in every city there is a correctional school.Children with mild degree of mental retardation is usually taught in the same classroom with children who have developmental disorders.Number of children with disabilities, should not be more than 4 people in the class.

remedial lessons in school in a regular classroom or corrective, with these children go on an individual curriculum.To ensure the flexibility of the educational process and the successful development of educational programs, apply the latest in modern technology and educational programs for correctional schools.

Lessons are held in a correctional school on an individual schedule.For example, instead of chemistry and physics lessons, the student goes to class technologies.From the seventh grade correctional school profile provides job training and vocational training of students.Profile selected to cater for correctional schools 8th species.The program material is also adapted to reflect these programs.If the level of development of children is not allowing them to learn from normally developing children, they can be trained in remedial classes, available at an educational institution of the general type.Teaching children to school for correctional program 8th species occurs on the recommendation of the psycho-medical-pedagogical commission, as well as with the written consent of their parents, which is a contract, which specifies the rights and obligations of all parties to the educational process.At the same time is a contract for a further medical examination for programming further individual training.

Programs for remedial schools, the curricula, the annual schedule and training schedule tailored to the age, state of health, especially mental development and individual opportunities for children with disabilities.

For children who for health reasons, temporarily or permanently unable to attend educational institutions, education authorities provide, with the consent of the parents (legal representatives) of this category of children studying at home.The basis for the organization of training at home is the conclusion of health-care setting, issued in accordance with the list of diseases that gives the right to study at home.Training of pupils at home provides correctional schools implementing education programs, usually the nearest to their place of residence.

enroll a child in the form of individual training (at home) in an educational institution is carried out in the general order of admission to educational institutions, the legislation in force in the field of education.