The most thin woman in the world.

growth of 39-year-old Valery Levitin is 171 cm, and weight - just 25 kilograms.Journalists say that Valeria, the thin woman in the world, like a mummy, and they are far from the truth.It is difficult to find a more accurate comparison of skeleton with skin.The doctors immediately diagnosed - anorexia nervosa, referring to serious disease, cure is difficult, and sometimes impossible.As

same thin woman in the world has come to such disastrous results?In an effort by their example to warn the girls who want to get rid of excess, in their opinion, kilograms, Valery Levitin willingly reveals the story of her life.

As a child Valeria nothing special stood out among their peers Moscow was pyshechki and experienced some of this dissatisfaction.In 1989, her mother and stepfather decided to emigrate to America, where Valeria of girls turned into a pretty slender and attractive young lady.She has participated in beauty contests, for successful performance in which it was necessary to lose weight.She wanted

to become a famous model, but her desire to lose weight brought fame, but it is not in the quality.The desire to lose weight made her famous in the category "Most thin woman of the world", bringing Valerie huge trouble in the form of a rather serious health problems, inability to conceive a child, to lead a life full of a healthy person.

to diseases, according to Valerie, brought criticisms friends about her appearance, glossy magazines articles calling standard match the model and mother wants to see her daughter in the embodiment of their ideas of perfection.She began to lose weight with diets harmless, follow the rules of healthy eating, moving away from a number of products.Start reducing weight is so pleased that the face when losing weight developed into a disease unnoticed.It is not only disfigured appearance, the thin woman in the world seriously ill.Valery "dohudelas" to the critical stage, as a result of degenerative changes of the internal organs began irreversible inhibition of their functions, which could lead to a very sad end.

Now is the thin woman in the world living on one social benefit in Monaco, as to maintain a relatively tolerable climate suited her well-being of the principality.Valery Levitin alone.She is forced to eat at a strictly defined scheme as meal delivers a painful sensation because of a violation of the digestive system.

Valery Levitin, aware of their problem, is open for dialogue.It comes on a talk show to demonstrate by example the girls who dream to lose weight, the risk of aspiration meet the standards imposed in the fashion-industry.A very thin girls, a photo that makes you want to immediately regret and feed the creation of lightweight, idols are certain categories of adolescent girls and young women.There are even a community of people who dream of ill anorexia.It is with them, beginners, may not have become dependent on the disease divided by bitter experience of Valery Levitin, wanting to warn against ill-considered experiments, dangerous not only for health, but also life.