Argun Gorge - memory or forgetfulness?

Fame and bitterness ... How often, these words go together in the characteristics of war, because the war - it is death, the death of young people who could still so much to do in my life.But the bitterness is particularly unbearable when it would be possible to avoid the loss of life, but someone gave the right order and prohibited to go to the aid of their own.

Argun gorge - the most beautiful place in the whole Caucasus.Long Canyon plays a strategic role in the message across the Chechen Republic: the forces that control it, have the ability to dominate the country.

counter-terrorist operation - the official name of fighting in Chechnya in September 1999, which to date have died down, but not stopped completely.Although federal troops showed his best side, tragic line in the annals of recorded Argun Gorge.The year 2000 marked the capture of Chateau announcement of the successful completion of the operation.Since 2001, the contingent of Russian troops in Chechnya decreased.

Russian group of forc

es in the Shatoi district February 29, 2000 consisted of about one hundred thousand people.How come the Argun gorge became a tomb for a company of Russian soldiers, who remained alone with 2.5 thousand. Heavily armed militants, with snipers, who "rented" the soldiers so quickly that they could not make a shot and?So, from a sniper's bullet killed almost immediately the company commander Sergei youth, which took place Mark Mark Yevtyukhin.Young and experienced fighters were holding them previously occupied height-776, without departing, do not panic, because waiting for help and support from his, which never came.On the first day of the battle killed 31 people, but also the height of the day held a handful of Russian soldiers.When it became clear that the aid does not have time, the only survivor of an officer, although he was seriously wounded, distracted by the fire escape and ordered the two young privates who jumped off the cliff.Argun Gorge passed into the hands of militants, but only for a day.March 2, federal troops occupied the heights, and only part of the militants managed to escape from encirclement by secret paths.

Of all the companies of paratroopers defending the Argun Gorge, survived 6 people.Some people were injured, some fainted, and was regarded as the killed enemies;ordinary piston and Andrew Alexander Suponinsky owe their lives to Captain Romanov, who sacrificed himself for the sake of their salvation.Major Alexander Dostovalov without waiting for orders, rushed with his small group of 15 people to help join the battle and paratroopers died as a man of honor.It is these we call heroes.Why are these sacrifices needed?Who gave the order to the neighboring locations do not engage in fear of the tribunal?What is not said to the media?It seemed that the soldiers had not considered the generals as "cannon fodder", really is not so?

Yet the battle in the Argun Gorge live shows valor and honor, that there are those who are willing to be loyal, but not to be traitors nor homeland, nor companions.Without such courage military glory impossible, unthinkable education of the future generation.