Slavic tattoos and their meaning - is growing in popularity

Tattoos, permanent or temporary, it has been popular in many nations and different ages.It was a security signs or symbols belonging to a particular group or social class, race or caste.Tattooed and beauty, with both male and female.Nowadays, tattoos (if it is not a case related to the prisons and the like) often do in order to stand out, to give her the image of something special.

Slavic tattoos and their meaning is getting more and more famous and popular.Of course, the Scandinavian characters know very many, but also Slavic culture is gaining more and more fans.Ancient and fascinating, it is quite rich, distinctive and interesting.And one of its most notable parts are the Slavic runes.And their importance and their influence - a purely cultural question, but they all represent different aspects of the universe, require bright thoughts and purity of mind and soul.

Slavic tattoos and their meanings are associated with magic.Every sign, every image enabled the deeper and better see and understand t

he world around us, to feel its very essence.These symbols - runes - as if some invisible opens the door to certain knowledge and grant them rights.Our ancestors believed in it and used amulets not only of wood, metal and stone.Runes were used in embroidery, writing, pictures - this is a special system to preserve the culture, traditions and knowledge.

Tattoos Slavic - a sign, symbolizing Mother Earth (Bereginya), home (support), love, goodness and fertility, fire, truth, power, roads, and the world.All these images are a talisman, a kind of information field, as well as communication with its own history and the people.

gaining increasing popularity Slavic tattoos and their meaning is also becoming known.Perhaps the most commonly used for this purpose is not just figures, namely charms - runes.

The most basic of these, perhaps, Rune "Peace", to convey the image of the Tree of the Universe.This is a fairly common way to world culture.There he and our neighbors, the Vikings.Rune "World" embodies the desire for order, the inner essence of a person, and also provides protection and the protection of the gods.

Its opposite is the rune "Chernobog."This is the forces of Chaos, destructive, tearing the chains and communications.Well, as the destruction of all the forces and order rotate around the center of the world, the runes "Alatyr."It is the center of everything, where everything comes from and where everything that exists comes.

Fleece "Rainbow" - a road, an endless road to the center of the world.It specifies the path of the battle fight forces of chaos and order - Flame and Water.This rune makes a journey to the favorable resolution of difficult situations and challenges.The road in this sense - not just a way but the special state of mind where there is no end and no beginning, but exists as a source, and the finish line.

Slavic tattoos - and their importance, and their properties - studied by many venerable scholars and history buffs.Stands out among them Rune Underworld "Wii" - a symbol of fate, inevitable and inescapable fate, death and darkness.They all face.This rune - a kind of prohibition constraint acts, coercion, bonds and shackles.Well, the hand by "stealing", as opposed to her symbolizes the disclosure, purification, liberation.

Slavic tattoos and their meanings are studied not only cultural studies.They are popular among modern people eager to find some roots, intangible spiritual connection to the ancestors, the nature, the past and history.And of course, it's just beautiful.