Associative Thinking

associative thinking is involved in the processing of information.Logical analysis is not applicable.Human experience contributes to a set of associations, which is based on associative thinking.It should be noted that its principles form the basis of the set of training methods.Practice shows that people are easier to remember than abstract data, and association.This way of perception and memory helped people in ancient times to solve life's questions, make discoveries, to survive.

Association is the link between the representations.Any other way contributes to the image or concept.For example, the word milk , is likely to be linked in the mind with the word cow .

associative thinking contributes to solving a number of problems.It helps the person to create new and original ideas, form connections within the meaning of, develop imagination and imagination.

There is a definite classification associations.For example, words can have similarities ( match - fire ), may be close in time and space ( flowers - flower bed, the cake - the dough ).The concepts can be linked by contrast or opposite characteristics (eg, black - white, round - square ) or causal relationship (eg, the injury - pain ).

Contact one subject can be installed not only with the other object, but an object with attributes (sensation, image, color, smell, and other characteristics).

development of associative thinking contributes to the development of memory.It should be noted that a person has to some extent limited range of concepts.Therefore associative thinking they are not used at one hundred percent.

In humans, the process of remembering takes place on the basis of experience.The perception of events, objects, facts, phenomena associated with the work of the imagination - a man ties a new word (symbol of something) to the already familiar image.

There are certain methods of thinking.

A simple exercise is to find a number of related concepts.You can take two words (eg, Museum - brush ), and then make a series that would begin and end with the first to the second word.Thus, you may have the following series: Museum - picture - the artist - the canvas - brush .

with the following exercises can develop the ability to create a number of associations.For example, taking any word can choose other associated with it.The next word will also be a previous association, and so on.For example, compass - iron - alloy - a metal - welding, etc. This will create a unique string that is because each person there a number of related concepts.

You can look up words, associating one basis.For example, with the words large and dark can link different concepts or images.

development of associative thinking is very conducive to the creation of original associations.In this case, the connection between the concepts is assumed not as clear as usual.

Very often, these simple exercises are used in teaching.It should be noted that such development activities help students analyze information quickly, easily and for a long time to remember details.

are popular exercises and in advertising.On the basis of related concepts are slogans, advertising concepts.

For a more in-depth and serious improvement of associative thinking using more sophisticated tools.The exercises in this divided into three groups.The first is the liberating thinking techniques, the second - directing techniques in the third category includes methods that contribute to the associative circle.