Which is better - a bath or shower?

bathroom - a place where not only induce clean and wash fatigue, negative and bad mood, relax and rest not only the body but the soul.Someone who likes to soak in a deep tub, some prefer an invigorating shower, but try to beat this room as comfortable as possible.Ideally, of course, to establish itself and then, and more, but unfortunately, not all area allows you to turn around.So often the owners have to make difficult choices and stop at one thing.To understand what is better - a bath or shower, to begin to consider the variety and benefits of each of them separately.

What are bath

Baths can be organized in several ways: The material, shape, size, cost, and even color.One of the main indicators will be the material of manufacture, namely:

  • iron,
  • steel,
  • acrylic,
  • Kwara.

Cast iron baths - a classic era of our parents.They were very common in the days of the Soviet Union, and still have fans due to a number of advantages.Cast iron baths quite strong and durable, retains heat for a long ti

me, however, and does not heat up fast, have high noise insulation at a set of water.Razov drawback can be called a lot of weight, but you put it, and forgotten, except that once again decide to start a repair.But the real downside is fragile enamel that pretty quickly erased, especially under the influence of modern chemical detergents.Thereafter, the surface becomes rough and unpleasant even may scratch the skin.Of course, now there are many companies offering re-coating of iron and steel enamel baths, but, as experience has shown, the second layer is also short-lived, and if poorly laid, it can quickly start peels.As a result, sanitary becomes very unsightly appearance.

Steel baths - the budget option.Perhaps it is only their relative ease and can be called advantages.At the same time steel products is very fragile as the outer casing and the enamel coating (similar to cast iron), in addition, they cool rapidly and very loud when typing water.

Acrylic and Kwara - modern materials, which overturned the concept of baths

modern materials used today in the manufacture of baths, one might say, made a mini-revolution in this field.Thanks to them, departed from the standards of identical rectangular models, there was a huge variety of choices.

Acrylic tubs today are the most popular, they are widespread, and there are several reasons.These models are light, durable, easy to clean, well retain heat and have a low noise level.However, can easily be damaged by direct strong impact, for example, if something metallic, heavy or sharp drops in the bath.But while restoration is simple and inexpensive.And one more thing: acrylic bathtubs produced a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which also raised their reputation.

Quaryl plumbing may be considered a novelty.These baths have recently entered the market and are not yet as popular as acrylic.Kwara - a compound of acrylic and quartz sand.Due to the quartz they are more durable, warm and weight are between acrylic and cast iron.Minus - a rather high cost.

There is also a bath of stone, marble, glass, porcelain, wood.But this is for a higher budget, usually made to order.

shapes and sizes

baths are often used to classify the size of that, in fact, was not difficult, because to define standard dimensions for several models - no problem.Today, due to the presence of lighter materials in the work, produced a wide variety of product forms, and unify them anymore.When choosing a bath should take into account the size of the room itself, as even elementary asymmetric model should fit and have no protruding sides.And do not forget about the parameters of your family members.After all, if the average growth of households - is above average, and the area of ​​the bathroom allows you to install a small plumbing, it makes sense to change the bath to shower.On the pros and cons of the latest talk a little lower.

What forms baths can now be found and what is popular?Until recently, the problem of choice in this parameter has not been selected from rectangular or square ....Today, however, the diversity is so great that it is time, and confused.The shape of the bath are:

  • rectangular,
  • square,
  • round,
  • oval,
  • corner,
  • asymmetrical.

main thing - to consider the size and convenience of the location.Internals bath too diverse.For the comfort of consumers made headrests, armrests, handles, tank may follow the shape of the body, and so on. N.

Which is better - a bath or shower?Advantages and disadvantages of baths

trying to answer the question of which is better, it is first necessary to consider all the useful points and possible accessories that allow to improve the bath.The definite advantage: gaining a full bathroom, adding aromaveschestv, you can completely relax and unwind, wash off the stress of the past days.Some people may be carried out in such rest up to several hours.The soul can not do this.Moreover, a warm bath has many medicinal properties, it is prescribed for certain diseases.Yes, and for bathing children need a large space and a shower instead of a bath in this case does not help.

Less baths - they occupy a fairly large area.And if the large bathroom is not a problem in small rooms (quite frequent in old houses), there are certain disadvantages.In this situation, the best solution is to replace the bath to shower.And further negative factor is the high consumption of water required for filling the container.And if you are going to soak up a few people, then the conclusion is obvious ...

Accessories for baths

for greater objectivity is called modern devices.It is a function of hydromassage.Previously available only in spas and salons special, today they came to our house with a special hot tubs.Of course, such a model is much more expensive than usual, but the pleasure is worth it.Moreover, manufacturers are offering to buy special hot tabs, which are much cheaper and can be installed even on the old plumbing.

For lovers of soul now sold excellent shower panel with a large set of functions, and can be adapted to the bath.Of course, they are no substitute for full shower box, but much closer to it for its intended purpose.

differences showers

More recently, shower did not cause so much positive emotions as today.Her fans were just people who do not like to spend time taking baths because the only function of the soul was the shower ....But now many modern technologies that increasingly, many families when the question "Which is better - a bath or a shower?"answer: definitely a shower!

Classification of showers is somewhat different from that of the baths.According to the materials it makes no sense to distinguish, as now do basically all of acrylic plastic, except that in the cheaper models can be a steel pan.Divide mainly in the form of (external and pan) and the door (sliding, swing).Also, there are outdoor showers with doors only (without top), and closed - shower boxes.But the main difference between this type of equipment - the number of functions.

Options showers

Shower in the bathroom can be a very simple and with many features - from a small spa to a panel of whole boxes.Some newer models replace the massage parlor and a power shower together.The most popular feature shower stall following:

  • hydro (horizontal and vertical);
  • «Turkish bath";
  • rain shower;
  • aromatherapy (inhalation);
  • douche;
  • chromotherapy;
  • voice control and others.

quantity and quality of these functions depends on the value of these showers.The more expensive models have the latest Soup, which can be a long list.

Benefits shower to bath

What better shower?Firstly, it is fairly compact and does not take up much space.Economically enough, in fact, it saves water and time, which does not have to spend until the water pours.A large variety of shapes and patterns will help to determine even the most demanding customers.

And, of course, a huge variety of functions, many of which are therapeutic, allows such equipment to win the love of a growing number of people.Also showers, depending on their settings, have a fairly wide range of prices.Thus, anyone can pick up the model to your taste and budget.

Small bathrooms

As mentioned, if you have a large bathroom, you can install a bath and shower.Unfortunately, this ideal picture is not always there.Therefore, the design of equipment and facilities with a very small area is always a difficult choice: which is better - a bath or shower?

considering all the advantages of both, but still considering the tiny size of the room, usually stay in the shower.Of course, fans of "soak" it may be a little upset, but how many people notice, a good shower is better than a tiny bath, which can not even stretch out full length.

But what do you do when you have small children to care for souls that well, does not fit?In this case, an alternative choice may be a shower (hydromassage) box that has a tray with a fairly high sides.Of course, an adult, he will not replace the bath, but to bathe the baby quite allow its size.With kids, in fact, do a great pleasure.


So which is better?Bath?Or shower?Reviews on this occasion you can hear different.Some people prefer to fill the tank with hot water, add the foam or sea salt, and forget about the hustle and problems of an hour of commercials at 1.5.Someone, is enough to recharge your batteries at a cool shower.Third Bring exclusively jacuzzi ... As they say, how many people - so many opinions.And it is worth adding financial capacity.Therefore, you need to be based still on their personal preferences, and then on factors such as the bathroom area, material and workmanship, function and accessories design.If you actively living person who does not like to spend time on water treatment, it is best to select a shower.If you're a fan and porelaksirovat luxuriate in a pleasant environment, it would be better to replace the shower in the bath.The main thing to please you and the purchase fun.