Customs and traditions of China

conspired to commit a tourist trip to the Celestial Empire, will be useful to pre-learn basic Chinese traditions.It is an ancient country with its centuries-old traditions and distinctive customs, which were formed thousands of years.In its history, there are specific rules of etiquette and rules, without which knowledge can be easy to get lost in this great power.

hardly set foot on this land, you immediately realize that the distinctive features of the Chinese people - hospitality and non-conflict.This friendly nation always ready to explain, demonstrate and even help you bring things to your destination.They are respectful of visitors and guests of their homeland.His Chinese visitors have signs of increased attention.And seeing the visitor, not only will bring it to the door, and put her in his own taxi and wait for his departure.

The definition of "Chinese tradition" will surely come the holidays.One of the most important - the birthday.No special rituals on this issue does not occur.Is that on

the table is necessarily present a special noodles as a symbol of a long and prosperous life.Treating, be sure to praise the dishes.In this situation it is permissible even burp at the table.Give the holidays accepted mostly, beverages, candy and fruit.The main thing is that what acts as will be present in an even number.Because an odd number - sign of the troubles and failures.But with even values ​​have to be careful.Customs and traditions of China is credited with the number "4" notoriety, considering it the most unfortunate.It happened due to the fact that the pronunciation of the word is almost identical with the word "death."Watch as gifts are also a bad sign, associated with mourning, death.Sometimes a present deliberately not removed the price tag to show its value and propensity to guest host.

New Year - is another important national event in the life of the Chinese.It is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, and represents the arrival of spring.Most often it falls on one of the February days.He is celebrated for about a month.Here are organized dances, dances, noisy celebrations, theatrical performances;unstuck little notes everywhere with wishes for the future.In these days of strict rule is considered to visit relatives and friends.

Traditions China include countless superstitions.It's quite superstitious nation unconditionally convinced of the existence of spirits and the higher powers.Hence, a lot of folk festivals with the most interesting ceremonies and rites.That the days of the Dragon of the Moon, lanterns, tea, and festivals Peony, Water, kite, and numerous carnivals with solemn festivities, reincarnation rituals and magnificent fireworks.

traditions and customs of China play an important role in choosing the clothes of a particular color.For example, in some provinces, a green tint firmly associated with treason.And so even a tourist, dressed in that color, inevitably expect mockingly sympathetic look, not to mention the local people.Yellow - an indicator of power, strength and power.In ancient times, only the emperor wore the robes of this color.White has long been considered a mourning.Although for some time now in the major centers of its steel to complement the black element (for example, tape or bandage).This combination is suitable only for funerals.Also wear in everyday life pure white clothing is not accepted.But the Red Chinese have held in high esteem.It symbolizes the sun, fun, warm, awakening of life.Very popular in the days of the New Year festivities.This color-decorated restaurants, hotels, city streets.The reds are made cards, paper for wrapping gifts, souvenirs.But since it is more typical for special occasions, the business environment is not too relevant.

Undoubtedly, in the ancient traditions of China nowadays significantly affect Western Europe, America, in connection with which they are transformed, take on a new meaning.But this does not mean that it is possible to non-observance of the most important rules and customs that were formed over thousands of years.And even if you are a foreigner, it is best to play it safe and find out what to do in a given situation, what to wear, how to behave at the table than seem in the eyes of the local population, "dark", "primeval" barbarian.After all, as the saying goes (though not Chinese): "In a strange monastery with its regulations do not go."So, while in distant lands, you need to show tolerance and respect for rules and order prevailing there.