How to make the wheel?

Quite interesting to watch from a man who knows how to perform some acrobatics.Whether it's in the park, on the square in public places or on the beach.Acrobats everywhere and always attract attention.Looking at the physical development of athletes want is as beautiful to control his body, showing passers-by acrobatics.Nothing is impossible.At any age, a person is able to learn how to perform simple elements even at home.Professional artists recommend to start with a simple exercise.How to make the wheel?This question will be discussed later.Before the start of training necessary to properly prepare the house, learn the techniques and then get down to business.

Where better to do?

apartment is very different from the lack of gym space in bulk.Anything can become a hindrance - including a chandelier, sofa, wardrobe and other furniture.Therefore it is necessary to choose a convenient place before making the wheel.Exercising at home requires caution.Make sure there are no obstacles.For high-quality trai

ning exercises to perform better against the wall.Understandably, in the gym or on the street to engage in more convenient.It does not become superfluous and rather strong assistant, capable of a few minutes to keep the novice acrobat in his hands.


Pay attention to costs and clothing.No hesitation movements and baggy.During the training you need to be prepared for the fact that, before making the wheel will have some time to be in the "upside down."Accordingly, all things will slide down.Slightly tight shorts and a T-shirt - the most practical option.Warm up before exercise to warm up all the muscles would allow, prevent the possibility of extension at the wrong exercises.

Workout Workout should be paid great attention.Just like waving his hands and immediately begin training fail.Warm-up should include a set of exercises to be performed correctly.All the muscles of the body should be the maximum warm.Joints should not crackle.Be sure to warm up the muscles of the arms, legs, back and neck.Neck all need special attention.Experts recommend to perform several exercises for her workout.If you fall out of the rack "upside down" significant deformation undergo cervical vertebrae.Performance indicators are a significant warm-up acceleration pulse and feeling the tide of heat to all parts of the body.


Before making the wheel, you need to familiarize yourself with the technique of the exercise.

1. Handstand.Not every novice acrobat first time be able to do it.This exercise will need to learn how to perform against the wall with the assistant.For handstands near support experts recommend follow three gymnastic rules: arms straight at the elbows, keep your back straight, legs straight in the joints, toes are stretched the most.The whole body has to be in constant tension.Any relaxation of muscles in the arms or the back leads to a fall.

2. The pendulum in the handstand.Learn to stand on his hands against the wall or with an assistant, you must go to work on this exercise before you make a wheel.Gymnastics requires a sequence of tasks.We must learn to control your center of gravity.Carefully changing tilt legs, you want to transfer the weight of the body on the left hand completely freeing the right limb, which can be lifted slightly.Returning his right hand in place, we will move the center of gravity on it and lifts the left hand.Pendulum - a very difficult and dangerous exercise that must be performed carefully and sensibly.

3. Jump with bent legs through the support.Becoming close to the bench or support, you need to stretch her arms straight.The back is parallel to the floor.Pushing your feet, you must move the body to the other side - through the support.Hands is not shifted, bend at the elbows.

4. Jumping straight through the support legs.Like this?It's time to make out how to make a wheel with straight legs.Exercise is the same as the previous step.Just do it on straight legs.They thus do not need to bring together.

5. Running wheels via a prop.Perform jumps with straight legs through the support with only one difference.Hands is not fixed on the stand.They need to put it directly before making the wheel.Hands rest on the support in turn.It was in the course of the exercise novice acrobats decide for themselves how they choose to do the hand wheel.It is recommended to work through this exercise so as to perform it in any direction.This will help in the future to do more difficult tricks.

Classic version

consider classics.How to make the wheel?Acrobatics provides step by step instructions.As an example, consider the exercise on the right side.It should be straight, pull your hands up.Back - straight.Step right foot - right hand goes down.At the same time repels the left foot.At the same time the right hand is placed on the floor.At the push of the right leg, left arm gets to the floor.I remember an exercise "pendulum" in the handstand.The center of gravity is transferred to the left hand, the right end - rises.The left foot touches the floor.The center of gravity moves to the legs.The left arm comes off the floor.The right foot touches the floor.

Safety rules

How can I make a tire, do not hurt yourself?Many of the exercises in the process of trying to repel an additional hands.This is absolutely not worth doing, as to create a push is necessary to weaken the elbow.What happens can be found in the implementation of the first exercise, standing against the wall.Before maneuver better to warn the assistant to avoid injury.