Natural selection according to Darwin

natural selection - is the main driving force behind the evolution of all living organisms.The existence of this factor, the researchers found several English: Blythe, Matthew Wallace, Wells, Darwin.However, only the last one, revealing the importance of this phenomenon, created the theory of natural selection.According to Darwin's survival of the fittest organisms as a result on the basis of uncertain genetic variation in generations, and there is an evolutionary process.

Natural selection is the preservation of favorable individual differences and changes in the background kill harmful.Thus, according to Darwin, the main driving force of evolution contributes to the improvement of each organic being in the conditions of its existence.

As a provoking factor, natural selection endowed with certain features.The main ones are: adaptive directionality, accumulates and integrates impact probabilistic nature.

probabilistic character is determined by the two sides of the selection process: randomness an

d stochasticity.

quantitative terms (randomness) is used to characterize the structure, which is composed of multiple components, each independent from each other.In terms of wildlife in such a system include the population.It consists of unequal adaptation of individuals.

term "stochastic" is used to describe the phenomena using probability theory.

Natural selection involves both the survival and reproduction of individuals.In other words, the individual is more adapted to survival and reproduction, has a great potential to leave offspring.This probabilistic nature manifests itself in a tendency to separate the fittest members of the group, but not necessarily individual adapted better than others.

Natural selection is characterized by accumulating effect.It consists in the gradual addition of small beneficial genetic changes.This leads to improvement of symptoms or the emergence of new devices.

Scientists have been trying to establish the classification of the driving force of evolution.But so far, the system is still being developed.This is mainly due to the fact that natural selection and his form is quite difficult to combine into a clear structure.This, in turn, is due to the inability to determine the classification of a single rod.

most logical solution to this problem, according to scientists, is to distinguish the features of the nature and effect of selection.

Thus, there are two main types of causal factors of evolution: stabilizing and moving.

dynamic selection acts as a creative force.Its mechanism is based on the preservation of beneficial deviations from the average accepted standards that are adapted to new environmental conditions, due to the emission standards of Representatives last.

dynamic selection is interconnected with stabilizing.Thus both these concepts are the two faces of a single process.

stabilizing factor involves the preservation of the established standards in the specific conditions at elimination of deviations.

course, natural selection is most important, however, is not only an evolutionary factor.Changes in the gene pool of populations and introduce mutations.However, they rarely occur, and therefore do not contribute significantly to the evolution.

should distinguish between natural selection and breeding.These two phenomena with each other can not match.Objectives The first is "vybrakovyvanii" negative option volatility, and in influencing the nature of the process of evolution.