Concealer - it's magic or aerobatics makeup?

Among the many tools corrective makeup concealer makeup artists special release.This tool will help to make the face perfectly smooth, like a baby, but inept application may backfire.And therefore should be read carefully in what is a concealer.

Multifaceted cosmetic

pace of modern life affects not the best way, and on the skin, especially the face.But the lovely lady wants to remain beautiful in any situation, and that it can help concealer.This cosmetic preparation is essentially a special type of equalizer, which when used properly allow to hide defects, such as acne, red asterisks bruising.But it is understood that the concealer is applied only in the event that these types of defects are minor.With more severe forms of help to cope only equalizer.

worth knowing that concealer - it's not only concealer.Its members include manufacturers of special vitamin-mineral complexes, can have a beneficial effect on the skin throughout the time when the makeup is on the face.And so when the purchase s

hould carefully read the composition even in the event that the fair sex do not have allergic reactions.

Excluding special composition, concealer and boasts a variety of forms of release.So, this correction means provided in the form of powder, pencil, stick and lipstick.In this concealer itself may be either liquid or creamy, or dry.And depending on its structure it solves a variety of tasks.

For each area - a concealer

This correcting means insidious in its simplicity.And so it should be selected depending on the problem that must concealer to disguise and gradually eliminated.

  1. eyelids.The problem of a black eye is familiar to almost all the ladies.For its solution should be chosen liquid, moisturizing concealer.By the way, he also would do well to disguise and "crow's feet".
  2. cheeks and forehead.Depending on the problem to be solved using several types of concealers: from small acne - antibacterial pencils, bruises and red stars - powdered, from small scars - stick.
  3. lips.Ideally suited for them a liquid concealer.This can be applied to both the region around the mouth, and directly on the lips.

However, the ideal view of the means for correcting the whole skin is a liquid variant thereof.

How to use concealer - guide to action

There are a few rules, strict adherence to which provides the perfect application of concealer on the skin.

Rule 1

choose the right color.As a rule, if the selected stick, powder or lipstick pencil, such a concealer should be lighter shade than the skin.In the election of the palette of liquid funds approach is somewhat different.

Rule 2

The correct application of colors.This rule takes effect when the question of how to properly use concealer orange, lavender, green, and other non-beige palette.It should be remembered that they are intended to mask bruises, redness and Stars.For example, yellow is used to eliminate the purple concealer to camouflage redness - Green.

Rule 3

application technique is as follows: point movements concealer applied to the area of ​​correction, then carefully shaded.

Do not ignore such a great tool, like concealer, just because it seems hard to use.In fact, with the knowledge bases described above, it is possible to independently apply perfect makeup.