Mark Webber: a man who has made himself.

his first role he played in 18 years.Mark Webber belongs to the category of Hollywood actors, who began his career as a teenager.What results did Mark?Consider biography, filmography, interesting facts from the personal life of a star, which will be of interest to all his fans.

hardships of growing up

hero of this article does not have any family relationship with his equally famous namesake, racer "Formula 1".During his artistic career, Mark has become one of the most popular stars of "dream factory".Every year in rolling out on one or two films with his participation.Mark Webber (photo attached) developed his talent in other accompanying play-acting, direction - he acted as a director, screenwriter and producer.However, such success was preceded by a long way the conquest of Hollywood heights.

Marc was born in 1980.In Minnesota, he lived for about ten years.Unfortunately, about his father, he knows very little, because the boy's childhood took place without his participation.After learning ab

out the pregnancy the couple, who hurried escape.Mark raised a single mother who not only tried to put all the best in his son, but also worked tirelessly to ensure that it is most necessary.

difficult time childhood often remembered himself Webber.Mark admitted in an interview that he and his mother had to sleep in abandoned buildings unfit for habitation, or months actually living in cars.Especially difficult given the winter when it was difficult to warm up.Webber's mother was fond of activities aimed at the homeless, because she knew firsthand what it is.Later, she is connected to this, and the son.Fortunately, experiencing persistent difficulties, the future star of the screen does not become embittered.Disadvantaged childhood tempered in Marche humanity, a desire to help one's neighbor.This is useful in a future profession when Webber getting any rare, but still dramatic images.

first success

Before becoming a full-fledged resident of Hollywood, Mark Webber graduated from high school and goes to Inside the Actors Studio.Directed by Eugene Martin takes a picture of Philadelphia "Border City" and in local schools looking for new faces.One of these becomes Mark.Although the teenager went to a minor role, it was certainly in his life weighty milestone.

was followed by a series of walk-through paintings where Webber played occasional images of "Animal Factory," "White Boys," "Take me crazy," "Son of Jesus."The young actor, who already knows for sure what the future life will connect, hone their skills, and also with pleasure listens to the advice of more experienced partners with whom one is set.The first notable role came from Chris Koch adventure comedy "Snow Day."A year later came an even more successful thriller "Boiler Room," with Ben Affleck and Vin Diesel.

without looking back and without interruption

Finally, in the actor's life there comes a light bar.Mark Webber feels not only the first taste of fame, but a substantial fee.She and her mother no longer have to wander the streets.Talent Brand deservedly paid.During the following years he was actively removed all incoming proposals, changing crime film genre "right people" in the drama "The area of ​​the uprising" and "Chelsea Walls".In 2002, Woody Allen collects star of his next film called "Hollywood Ending", inviting one of the roles of Mark.In the same year Webber takes the lead role in the blockbuster "street artists".

developing in all directions

Remove from some eminent producer - the dream of any actor.As is known, it largely determines the future success of the picture.Webber was withdrawn from Jim Jarmusch in "Broken Flowers," and after playing in the film "As a son."The film is particularly discussed in the press and is included in the festival program in Philadelphia.For this work, Mark is awarded several awards and nominations.

Further Webber acting projects include the painting "The Good Life", "Pretty Boy", "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World."According to critical acclaim in 2012 drama "End of Love" Mark Webber touching and piercing embodies the image of the father, bringing up alone his newly born son.In addition to starring, Mark wrote and directed the band.

Other components of happiness: love and family

By that time, we can safely say that Mark was held as a person.Press interested in his personal life.Mark Webber and his wife, actress Teresa Palmer, along starred in 2014 "Since then", which was engaged in the production of Webber.However, they met two years earlier at one of the secular parties.In recognition of both actors, they immediately felt attracted to each other.Fans couples complain about the lack of common paintings, that can give a categorical answer and Webber, and Palmer quite popular stars who have the roles alone.Especially since the celebrity couple has time to be together in the walls of the house.Since 2013, Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber to formalize their relationship, and soon their first child was born.