How to learn to be wrung from scratch?

Push-ups are one of the best exercises, which was invented by mankind.For his performance you do not need any equipment.Push-ups help develop the strength of several muscles.In addition, at present there are more than a hundred different variants of such an exercise for those who love all things new.Therefore, there is nothing strange in the question of how to learn to be wrung from scratch.

Basis training programs

perform basic exercises, you can easily track your progress.In addition, today there is a huge amount of training systems, which are based on it pushups.In this connection, it should be more detail to understand how to learn to be wrung from scratch.

Convenient and all the favorite exercise

Why is such a high popularity of push-ups?They are comfortable, unpretentious and help develop several muscle groups.Exercises of this kind are called basic.Most of the load falls on the muscles of the chest and shoulders.Also during exercise are utilized biceps, back and press.In this regard, i

t can be said that the push - rather convenient exercise with which trains torso.And if with them to perform squats and pull-ups, push-ups can become the basis for any exercise program at home.These exercises do not require anything.For them, it is necessary only a little space and a crossbar.

Never forget the proper technique

If you want to understand how to learn to do push-ups from scratch, you need to remember about the right technique.Only if done correctly, exercise can be successfully completely bleed all muscle, no pulling or injuring.Technique is important to observe also because it is necessary to constantly monitor your progress.In other words, if yesterday was performed correctly about 30 push-ups, and today - 60, but you do not fall in this to the end, but only by half, then talk about what you become stronger, you can not.

So if you want to understand how to learn to do push-ups from scratch, you must perform the exercise correctly.If you can not - you need to reduce the burden due to higher support and fewer repetitions.

How should push-ups right?

There are some basics that need to remember that the technique has become correct.During the descent to the floor of the hand must be placed from each other at a distance of a little more than shoulder width.Despite the strength index and the level of training necessary to do an exercise of the position in which you are comfortable.Choose a specific posture can be in advance, before the start of the exercise.You should know that the classic push-ups are those posing the hands that made shoulder-width apart.In this situation the burden placed on the chest to a greater extent, and triceps - less.When the narrow formulation of the hands most of the load is obtained, on the contrary, his hands.At the maximum wide position hand the focus is on only one breast.The latter two the most complex.They should move only when the classic push-ups successfully mastered.

legs must be placed inside to make you as comfortable as possible.Someone puts a foot in the same way as hand - shoulder-width apart.Someone brings them together.Of particular importance in their position of asked.Therefore it is necessary to do so, to make it convenient to you.However, in the broader arrangement feet it will be easier to maintain balance.

Do not arch the body

In order to understand how to do push-ups on the floor, we must remember that the body should be extended forward.It should be positioned so that it forms a single straight line.In other words, it should not be too much lower or lift her head or buttocks.Remember, the more upright position is taken, the better the load will be redistributed between the muscles.Accordingly, the exercise is more secure.

As if the right position is difficult to accept, and understand how to do push-ups on the floor, hunting, you have to try the next option.You take the position of "emphasis lying" in such a way as you are comfortable.After that you strain your buttocks to press and retract the stomach.This will help straighten the spine and push you to the correct position.

During the exercise should look forward and only forward, not down.As has already been said, the body should form a straight line.The initial position of the hand straight.They hold the weight of the body.We take the right attitude?Then you are ready to push-ups.

start the exercise

How to do push-ups at home?The initial provision was made by you.All recommendations are understood and met.After this you should be wrung out once, trying to make it possible to ensure equipment.It must be done, even if very hard.Remember, only with the proper technique, you can rely on the result.So do not join as many repetitions.Do all quality.

Trying to keep the starting position, begin to slowly lower the chest to the floor.The elbows should be bent to an angle of 90 degrees.In the event that there is a physical preparation should be lowered until such time as the breast makes contact with the floor.Just need to calculate this time and focus strictly on him.

If you do not know how to do push-ups at home, remember that it is necessary to keep your elbows close to your body.If they start to diverge, it is necessary to take a short break - you're tired.At that point, when you get down to the required level, it is required to stand still for a while.After that, with an explosive movement of the arms, return the body to its original position.

Determine your maximum

So you had done one push-ups.Then try to do a few more reps.The exercise should be as long until there is a feeling that is difficult to correctly perform the technique.The hands may tremble at it, and the next repetition can only be done using the jerk legs and back.This means that the maximum number of repetitions performed for you at this stage.Should not be engaged in cheating.Talking about how much time you need to do push-ups, it should be noted that ten regular push-ups and five with a jerk - worse outcome than, for example, 11 repetitions correctly executed.

Safety first

Such a basic exercise can be considered relatively safe.Especially if it is satisfied with its own weight.In other words, with correct technique and showing common sense in conjunction with the self-preservation instinct, you do not get any injuries.Also, not to get damaged, it is necessary on the first day, as has been said above, to calculate how much to do push-ups.The number of repetitions should be increased gradually.

arched spine If you can get a grip nerves vertebrae, as well as any other trouble.If the hands are placed not too comfortable, you will pull the likelihood of joints.Therefore, to perform exercise should be approached with increased responsibility.Also, if you want to achieve great results, you need to push the scheme.Its form you can independently, focusing on the opportunities.