Work at home - assembly handles.

Often, the search for work can be delayed indefinitely.The reasons for this can be many.Employers do not care about anyone's problems.But, at least, they simply refuse, and do not require applicants with some amount for the provision of jobs.This, unfortunately, can not be said about those who propose such work as assembling pens at home.And it can be not only a pen, but also gluing envelopes, typing, assembly jewelery or CDs, ironing, packing buttons, cutting marks, and even assembly of electronic cigarettes.People who are in search of at least some income, often fall into the trap of such "employers."It offers quite decent money for a very simple job.And there is nothing wrong with that would not have happened if offering such earnings actually carried out the conditions which are described in their ads.

advertising text from the online resources for job search may be approximately as follows: "Work at home - assembly handles.Working 2-3 hours a day, a week, you can earn as much as a month would get

a regular job.With that even a schoolboy can handle.All we need from you - a completed application form, which must be sent to our e-mail. "And, of course, trusting unemployed refer to the address completed application form and wait for a miracle.And, as a rule, wait, not a miracle, but the following letter, which describes in greater detail the process of how the work at home - assembly handles.Reviews of this way of earning entirely negative, since a lot of people affected by these employers fraud.In the second, his reply has always stated that the person who sent the form, fit the stated in the declaration of office, and now he needs to sign a contract and pay a small sum of money.The last action is necessary ostensibly employer to ensure serious competitor.It is also stated that after the money will be received by the company, its staff will contact them in the sender within 3-5 days, and then the courier will bring to the address specified in the application materials for the job.

But many people have realized that working from home - assembly handles - has a very negative reviews.Those who once caught this trick, they write on the forums that "bought" is the fact that the amount to pay was small, in the range of 15-17 dollars.In addition, the money promised to compensate when the first paycheck.But no one did not see any refunds or couriers with precious parcels in which reclined parsed handle.The phone company is not responsible for emails too, and e-mail addresses specified in the declaration are false.Here you have a work at home - assembly handles.Comments about this and other known methods do not really read the recommended salary in special forums on the topic.

Besides, sometimes it also happens that you are invited someone from the friends are welcome to come in for an interview at the specified address.There you again, I promise you that there will be work at home - assembly handles.Reviews of your friend to convince you that all is fair.As a result, you are not looking and not reading, sign a contract and pay a certain amount.Only here you just pay no fee for the delivery of materials to your home to assemble and consulting services.Read the contract - it has nothing to do with your "work".In other words, you have taken away money tricky, but legally.The contract is, and therefore nothing to complain about - you give money.Find the office is useless - it was gone.As for your friend, it is likely, he really paid for his work, and he gave them the joys of you and the other people who sincerely convinced that everything is fair.So firmochki paying little one person offset these costs, deceiving given them a dozen others.And you as well.