"Trust" (NPF): reviews, ratings.

Russia has a few dozen non-state pension funds.Their main function - to contribute to the state to pay compensation to the citizens of the appropriate type.Among the most famous brands of pension insurance market of Russia - NPF "Trust".This organization works successfully on the market for over 17 years.What are the specifics of the fund "Trust"?What customers NPF write in a review, upon interaction with the fund?What are the positions of known SPF ratings agencies?

Fund information

NPF "Trust" was created in 1997 - is one of the first Russian non-state pension funds.Among the co-founders of the organization - the company "VolgaTelecom", OJSC "NMGK", OJSC "Granite", JSC "Nizhpharm" and ZAO "Nizhegorodpromstroybank."NPF is working not only physically, but also with legal entities.

In 2004, the organization has received a license to conduct activities in the field of pension insurance and private security.In 2010, NPF "Confidence" signed a contract with JSC "BIN".Subsequently, the management com

pany was the organization of "BIN FINAM Group".Other Criminal Code, affiliated with the fund - LLC "MC Basis-Invest".Now NPF - in the top 10 Russian companies corresponding profile.The fund is one of the most profitable.The magnitude of its own property fund - in the top 30 Russian companies.

Geography of

Where is the head office of NPF "Trust"?Address the governance structure of the organization: Moscow, Big Savvinsky. Pereulok, 12, building 9. The authorized capital of the organization - 150 million rubles.The current geography of the NPF "Trust" - Moscow and more than 20 Russian regions.The Fund is estimated by experts as one of the fastest growing in terms of network development in the regions.

Converting structure

In 2014, the Foundation has carried out the procedure for the conversion of legal status - from NGOs in stock.It has created a new structure - JSC "NPF Trust."In 2015, the Fund was included in the state register of organizations that have become members of the insurance system of the rights of clients.Now JSC "NPF Trust" - the official name of the organization.

results and rankings

In 2012, the organization entered the top 10 funds by the number of signed agreements on the participation of citizens in the program of compulsory pension insurance.In the same year the partners NPF began operating in several Russian banks.The marketing strategy of the fund comprises a wide range of activities: operating advertising channels, on-line resources.

NPF performs 2 main activities: work in the field of non-state security, as well as interaction with citizens through programs of compulsory pension insurance.Both directions of the organization are valued by experts as successful.For example, in the first quarter of 2013 over 339 thousand. Man in the aspect of cooperation on the program of compulsory pension insurance fund had confidence.NPF, reviews of which have been actively disseminated online, customers characterized as a structure in which the qualified and responsive professionals.In the 1st quarter of 2013 the volume of savings in the fund amounted to 7.8 billion rubles., That is about 20 times more than the figure for the same period in 2012.

Evaluation of the National Rating Agency

One demonstration reliability criteria NPF "Trust" - rating.It can be formed on the basis of criteria proposed by different organizations.Thus, the National Rating Agency decided that for the NPF "Trust" rating should be defined at the level of AA-.In accordance with the classification in this organization, this indicator shows the fund as a very robust structure.

rank RA "Expert"

Another organization, the agency "Expert RA", considered that the Fund should be classified as an organization with a rating of A +.In accordance with the classification of the agency that means APF also characterized as robust.The analysts of "Expert RA" consolidated the status of the forecast "stable".This means that the company "NPF Trust" (responses to many experts correlate with this point of view) with a high probability will retain its current rating in the future.Consider the nature of the relevant details of ratings.Factors

high positions

What is the reason of the fact that such a high position occupied Fund "Trust"?NPF (reviews of many market analysts confirm this), first of all, was able to build a balanced investment strategy.It is also one of the positive factors in the assessment of the organization - is the support given by the founders.The significant role played by the dynamic distribution of NPF units in regions of Russia, as well as the high qualification of the staff of the Foundation.According to analysts, in the composition of the governing bodies of higher fund working people are among the most competent in the field of non-state pension insurance.

investment policy of the organization is characterized by experts as being sufficiently conservative.That is, the NPF "Trust" (feedback from staff working on relevant positions, confirm this) builds his work, trying to ensure, on the one hand, a high level of profitability, on the other - to use reliable financial instruments.

Regarding the opinion of the agency "Expert RA", a positive factor in evaluating them rating the fund was also the high level of profitability of savings accrued on personal accounts of citizens who have signed an insurance contract with the NPF.For example, in the period from 2009 to 2012 the corresponding figure was 29%, while the inflation rate has not exceeded 23% during the same period.

highest reliability rating of JSC "NPF Trust", as analysts believe, may also be connected with the impressive growth of savings, as well as the fact that the fund - one of the leaders of the Russian market on such criteria as the number of agreements signed in the segment OPS.

Other positive indicators that affect the evaluation of "Expert RA" - the optimal ratio of the insurance reserve, and such thing as VVCP.Analysts have fixed that by the end of Q3 2013 it amounted to 6.4%, while the median value of the market is fixed at 6%.

also be noted that the business processes and the operation of IT-infrastructure fund were rated "Expert RA" for the NPF "Trust" moderately high.

most important factor that influenced the high positions in the ranking of the famous SPC Agency - Disclosure of the financing plan organization investor.So, since 2011 such acts subject to large financial institutions, which is interested in the promotion of the market of private pension insurance.

Constraints criteria

One of the limiting criteria in assessing the sustainability of the fund experts "Expert RA" was the fact that the NPF is characterized by a high share of savings in the total amount of pension assets - about 97%, and relatively low adequacy IOUD - on the basis of 3quarter of 2013 it amounted to 0.2% in relation to savings, as well as 2% in terms of expenditure of NPF.Analysts "Expert RA" has found it difficult to assess the prospects and the quality of services that characterize the Criminal Code "Finam BIN Group".This organization is not measured in terms of reliability ratings, formed by specialists of "Expert RA" and other known structures that would meet the criteria of the company to the level of "A" and the steps that exceed it.

strategy for further development

published in various sources of data suggest that the fund will focus on the development of a further increase in the customer base, as well as the creation of pension plans in the corporate communications.

also a promising business model of the fund implies further improvement of the quality of interaction with customers and improving the functioning of the various structures of the organization as a whole.

Termination of the contract with the NPF

Although left on specialized portals clients NPF "Trust" reviews - largely positive, some citizens are faced with the need to terminate the contract with the fund.This may be due to different reasons.For example, may make appropriate recommendations to the employer company, signed a contract with another fund.If a person has decided to refuse to cooperate with the NPF "Trust" as to terminate the contract most correct way?

permissible period of termination of the contract

in accordance with the law, to terminate the contract with the NPF is possible at any moment.All you need to do a citizen - to send to the organization of the appropriate type of statement.It is also necessary to sign the documents, according to which the amount in the accounts of APF, will be transferred to another fund or transferred to the bank account of a citizen.

This process payments installed NPF "Trust" may differ from the standards adopted in other organizations of a similar profile.But as a rule, the payment of the amounts carried out by the involvement in the formula of its calculation of the accumulated funds, as well as the added value of income.Deducted are those payments that have already been implemented.

It does not matter exactly when the man decided to end the relationship with the Fund "Doverie" - at a time when there is an accumulation of funds, or in the process of making payments.The entire amount that is payable to the customer, must be paid within the established procedures.

Tax liabilities

citizen's right to receive the income from the NPF, which terminated the contract, is also accompanied by an obligation to pay the personal income tax revenue to the appropriate type.However, if a person has chosen a variant on which the funds are transferred to another NPF of "trust" that do not need to pay tax.Another detail: the financial costs associated with the transfer of money from one organization to another, assigned to the customer SPC.

rules considered by us - are common to all non-state funds, including the NPF "Trust".How to terminate the agreement, we have learned.Now we examine the range of opinions of experts and customers' trust. "What is the degree of the mood of investors of private pension fund?

Reviews fund "Trust»

Many market experts expressed the view that the fund was lucky with the name includes the word "trust".NPF (reviews of many of its contributors confirm this) managed to impress the citizens a high level of competence of employees.Citizens speak of professionals the organization as a qualified, experienced experts who are ready to explain to the client all the nuances of the pension programs.

consideration to the views of the NPF characterized by the fact that the degree of the organization's evaluation does not depend on the region.If the city, with a population of clients who have left about NPF "Trust" reviews - Moscow, the opinion to the same extent constructive, as in the case of investors formed, for example, from Orenburg.This suggests that in all regions of the APF is working under a single model of interaction with customers, which, apparently, is characterized adequately personalized approach and high quality service, contact citizens.If the city, which operates a branch NPF "Trust" - Samara, reviews, probably from the local citizens are similar to those that leave the Muscovites.

factor profitability

What is it like to depositors of the fund, except for service?If we analyze opinions on the subject of factors behind the trust - SPC (the reviews of many analysts are correlated with it) attracts customers reliability.That is, the fund does not promise to depositors incredible figures of profitability, however, makes it clear that the indicators are achieved within the framework of the current investment strategy, is not accidental.Therefore, as evidenced addressed NPF "Trust" ratings, attracts customers transparency in relations organization with investors.Experts NPF, which interact with citizens, to explain in detail the advantages of writing a contract with the Fund, focusing on a balanced investment model organization.

In respect of the fund among the common people as well the degree of doubt.They are connected mainly with the precedents, which reflect visits by NPF apartments potential customers and intrusive proposals to conclude a contract.However, there is no reliable public information that the practice of NPF is systemic, as well as the facts, indisputably proving that the visits are just employees "trust."The agent can be a mediator, offering to enter into agreements with various SPF.