Accident insurance.

Every year the development of the insurance market in Russia is gaining momentum.This is not surprising, because insurance is practically the only way to financially support themselves and their families in case of emergency.One of the most popular types of such support - accident insurance.


This type of insurance is quite deeply rooted, but if not too immersed in the story, we can say that its appearance is connected with the requirement of Maritime Law of Visby, recorded in 1541 in the UK.It says that the owner of a seagoing ship, hiring a team is obliged to insure the life and health of captain from possible accidents.

Already in the XVII century in the Netherlands has developed a special range for men volunteers on which they owed to various monetary compensation depending on the extent of injury.In the XVIII and XIX centuries, accident insurance is also widespread in Germany and England, which were set up so-called mutual aid associations.

In Russia this type of insurance has co

me at the beginning of the XX century, with the adoption in 1903 of the law, which guaranteed workers the mining industry and employees of various factories, as well as members of their families receive cash compensation in the event of disability or death in the workplace.For a long time accident insurance it was part of the life insurance and only with the passage of time, nearly a hundred years, it has become independent.


There are several types of insurance against accidents, but they can be divided into two broad categories: mandatory (guaranteed by law) insurance of certain categories of citizens and voluntary - which consists in obtaining the contract on mutually beneficial conditions.In the first case, the payments under the contract holds Fund accident insurance, and financial risks in the second takes over the insurance company.In any case, the object of insurance are the property interests of the citizens related to the disability, injury or death in an accident.

Accidents can be considered a situation where the external effects on the body of the insured was sudden and unexpected.The key here is the element of surprise, as if the person is aware of the onset of unpleasant consequences and failed to prevent them, the most in insurance payment will be denied.For example, if you are skiing, tripped on a rock and broke his leg, it will be an accident, but when badly burned after spending a few hours on the beach - that's your problem, because you are aware of the likely consequences, and could at any moment stopeffect of a destructive nature.

Volume responsibility

Since the conditions are clearly specified in the insurance contract, the amount of responsibility falls not just personal injury as a result of unforeseen external influence, namely accident insurance, that is just what the contract stipulated.All variety of the consequences of such circumstances can be divided into three broad categories:

  • temporary disability;
  • partial or total disability;
  • death.

All these effects make insurance cover and can be included in the contract together separately (for example, payments are made only on receipt of disability), or in various combinations.

Compulsory insurance in Russia

For certain categories of citizens of the Russian Federation, depending on the scope of the work, provided the social accident insurance, regulated by the Federal Law number 125 of July 24, 1998.Action of this kind of insurance is limited to cases of ill health related to personal injury and injuries at work or directly outside the company, but during working hours (and on the way to and from work and home).A special feature of this type of insurance is that the payments it makes only the employer.

Until recently the compulsory insurance could include health insurance of passengers using the services of all kinds of water, air and land transport.For some time such insurance replaced the need for liability insurance carriers.

special insurance for military

This type of compulsory insurance to protect the citizens, whose professional activity is originally associated with risk to life.They are employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, troops, rescue workers, employees of the Interior Ministry and the judicial and tax systems, and others.Financial risk coverage for this type of insurance provided by the federal budget.

So that ensures military accident insurance (Law number 52 from 28.03.1998):

  • personal injury - 5 salaries;
  • in severe injury (trauma, injury) - 10 salaries;
  • personal injury (injury) that resulted in the onset of disability group III.- 25 salaries;
  • the appointment of disability II c.- 50 salaries;
  • disability I c.- 75 monthly salaries;
  • of injury, which led to the death of the insured, guarantees 25 monthly salaries for each beneficiary.

Podstrahuemsya further

If you are used to take care of themselves and their loved ones on their own, you will approach a contract accident insurance concluded on a voluntary basis.The main feature of this contract is that you can choose the list of risks you want to insure, as well as the amount and term insurance.

At your choice, you can issue the policy for a few days (for example, if you are going to rest in the mountains), or choose coverage for everything your risks around the clock for several years - it all depends on how big contributionsyou can afford.

whole market of voluntary insurance can be divided into 2 groups - individual and collective.What are the differences?

Every man for himself

Individual accident insurance involves an agreement with natural persons, and its action in this case extends to the insured himself and members of his family (in the case of death of the insured).It may be complete or partial.

In the first case, the guarantee of the contract shall extend to all spheres of life of the insured (both private and professional) throughout the life of the contract.In case of partial insurance, you can select a particular time in your life: during your holiday or a business trip, for a period of sports and so on.

Also accident insurance may be included as an extra in the package, providing a more comprehensive list of services.

collective insurance

today has become quite popular and collective insurance against accidents, such an option now offer in addition to the social package, many large companies.A feature of this type of insurance is that the insured in this case is the employer and the beneficiary - the insured person or members of his family.

In previous years, the collective insurance in Russia has become quite widespread popularity because of the nature of the legislation in the tax area, which guaranteed the ability to return premiums and preferential tax treatment of payments for insurance.To date, the tax regime in this area is strongly tightened, making collective insurance less attractive to employers.

What can be insured event

Since the payments under the contract accident insurance fully or partially made after the occurrence of a particular event stands alone dwell on what is an insurance case.Those recognized events prescribed in the contract and occurred in the period of its validity, which led to the death of the insured person or the partial or complete loss of their ability to work.

These include:

  • trauma (injury), obtained as a result of an accident;
  • unintentional poisoning chemical substances, poisonous plants, drugs, poor quality food (except poison infection - dysentery, salmonellosis, and so on. D.);
  • sudden polio, tick-borne encephalitis;
  • ectopic pregnancy or birth defects that led to the removal of the internal genital organs (ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes);
  • sprains, fractures, burns, injuries and ruptures of internal organs that have occurred by chance, as well as cases of the removal of organs as a result of erroneous medical manipulations;
  • unintentional inhalation of foreign objects, anaphylactic shock, drowning;
  • hypothermia, which entailed grave consequences (except for death from cold);
  • death of the insured of the reasons listed above occurred during the term of the contract.

What insurance do not give

There is also a list of events, the occurrence of which can not be regarded as an insurance case:

  • if the injury (trauma) were received by the insured at the time of their illegal actions;
  • when the injuries were deliberately inflicted by the insured himself;
  • poisoning or injuries were received as a result of attempted suicide;
  • if wounded, injured or disabled were obtained as a result of any vehicle in a state of narcotic, toxic or alcohol, as well as in the case of transfer of control to another person in such a state;
  • when adverse effects on the body have occurred as a result of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures initiated by the insured and non-treatment of the disease, obtained as a result of the insured event;
  • death due to the above reasons.

How much is it

One of the most important issues of concern to citizens who want to further protect the life and health is a question of how much is insurance against accidents.Rates here are directly dependent on the list of insurance claims made in the contract, and the person insured.The range is quite wide - from 0.10%, if the insured only the risk of death, up to 12-15% for the broad spectrum of policies.

The magnitude of the insurance premium can affect:

  • sex and age of the insured - it is believed that men have higher risk of injury, and citizens in general more advanced age are reluctant to insure;
  • Lifestyle - Do you like extreme kinds of rest or exercise, is associated with increased traumatic;
  • profession - than it is dangerous, the higher rate;
  • health condition of the client - if you suffer from a serious illness, the rate increases many times;
  • amount of risk to be insured - the more, the more expensive;
  • term insurance and the number of insured persons - family policies are usually cheaper than the individual;
  • other factors - depending on the policy of the insurance company.

Frequency of payments as stipulated in the contract - a one-off contributions can be made annually, monthly or quarterly.Insurance companies today offer a fairly wide variety of plans and rates, so finding the right is not difficult.