One of the most popular Indian actress : biography .Rekha - a bright star in the sky cinematography

Indian cinema fans will remember the beautiful actress, who played in such an incredible number of films, it is difficult to imagine.Bright, emotional, musical, she conquered the hearts of millions of fans.The topic of this article - her biography.Rekha - one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood.We'll tell you about her personal life, the formation as an actress, followed her creative path, we list the most important of her films, etc.


Surely you know the name of Rekha.This is a known Indian actress.Her real name- Bhanurekha.She was born in a large family in the autumn of 1954 in the capital of one of the southern states of India, Tamil Nadu, in Madras.Rekha, biography is described in this article, had two sisters and two brothers.Her parents divorced when she was still a baby, and she grew up in a single-parent family, vaguely aware that the same is true home.Her mother was involved in the film, and a small Rekha wandered from one studio to another.She visited the pavilions of

the studios and all loved it here.So startovalaya its creative biography.Rekha since childhood has been associated with the world of cinema.

Childhood dreams

Rekha dreamed of a full family of a strong home, that her parents live in peace.She felt very lonely and often longed for his father, who lived far away from them.In addition, she dreamed of becoming an actress, to be famous.Rekha was confident that it would save her from loneliness.Maybe it will be so.In the 12 years of her life has changed dramatically.Rekha took the first step in the direction of cinematography.This is the fate made her a gift - execution cherished dream of cinema.In 1966 she made her debut as an actress.She reprized the role in the movie Baby "Rangula Ratnam" and quite well for his 12 years.

path of development.Rekha: biography and the first steps in the movie

Three years after the debut, she and her mother moved to Mumbai where the girl began to appear in various patterns.She was pyshechki, besides Darkie, so it did not give the main roles, Rekha and had to be content confidantes role of the protagonist.And she would not know Hindi, so in the film "Time of Love" she was given the role of grumpy hillbilly.She coped with it, and after this picture published on it showered with offers for new roles.Of course, the girl took them one by one.Nevertheless, she knew that she had to work on ourselves and change.Since that time, more changes her biography.Rekha making a big push to success.

Steps to Success

few years of hard work over a given fruit.Rekha postroynela, prettier, she had her beautiful manners, speaking also changed, and easy Tamil accent gave it a special charm.It becomes one of the most popular Bollywood actresses of different genres.Top Indian actors are its partners in the game.Rekha besides dancing beautifully, and it is increasingly invited to the musical films.

Rekha: biography, family, personal life

this talented Indian actress in the community believed femme fatale.Perhaps because of the role played by it.However, when her husband - a wealthy industrialist Mukesh Agarwal - committed suicide, it was fixed for her role.It is said that the film "Silsila" (1981), she plays herself.In the early eighties the actress arrived in the Soviet Union, to Tashkent, to participate in the Festival.Also in 1982, she was recognized as the best actress of Indian cinema.Among the fraternity of Bollywood actor Rekha has had a special title, which it respectfully referred to young actors - "Madame."She uses a lot of love for young people and is always ready to help them advice.

world of cinema

During his artistic career Rekha has acted in over 170 films.She does not have one particular role.Every time she plays something new, and this shocks the audience.Despite the fact that it is now more than 60 years, many directors invited her to appear in his films.Most of her fans Talana wondering how Rekha lives today.Biography, family photos of the actress are often caught in the periodical press.However, the family per se, is not the actress.Together with her in her luxury cottage live her assistant, to the same barber, Farzana, but cats and dogs.Incidentally, the actress had long been interested in yoga and daily devotes a few hours to this task.Sometimes she goes to meet with their brothers and sisters, with whom she had a fairly cordial relationship.In an interview, she admitted that her dream is unfulfilled desire to have a child, a son.However, as you know, at that age, in which it is already too late to think about the descendants, and nothing changed.That is why the story of her life - it's basically filmography, and not a biography.Rekha - most notably actress, a woman endowed with talent.

In conclusion

Talented Indian actress Rekha 70 known to many.She has always been the epitome of femininity, plasticity and musicality.Even in his more than 60 years, she looks quite respectable and can give odds to young actresses.For many film fans, this talented actress is one of the brightest stars in the firmament of Indian cinema.