Mineral salts for the body

Mineral salts - just an indispensable element for life and health of everyone.These substances are in the normal form of simple compounds in nature.Some of them - complex salts - have a complex structure and are widely used in industry.Simple compounds are constituent parts of all organs and tissues of the living organism and take five percent of total body weight.Most important for a person following: potassium, sodium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, chlorine, manganese, cobalt, iodine and fluorine.They are displayed along with the other products, so a person needs to constantly take care of the appropriate level of salts in the body.Usually, when properly balanced diet and issue of lack of salt does not occur - natural products we consume in sufficient quantities contain the necessary nutrients for the body.

If a person will eat monotonous, the mineral salts of a particular product does not satisfy the diversity that is needed.Consequently disrupted suction mechanism salts and their r

emoval, leading to disease.For example, if small children do not have enough calcium, they threatened rickets, and in adults can be broken teeth, hair to fall out, become brittle bones.Iron deficiency will affect the composition of the blood and trigger a so-called anemia (iron deficiency anemia).

natural properties of the salts of calcium, magnesium and sodium contribute to the coordinated work of the digestive system, allowing a person to normal metabolism, accelerates metabolism, energy exchange.The need for individual calcium is quite significant - a day needs about one gram to fully participate in all processes.Replenish calcium salts may be through foods such as cottage cheese, cheese, milk, yogurt, egg yolk, spinach, lettuce, cauliflower.From this set it is easiest to absorb calcium from dairy products, so you should not ignore them.

for the normalization of the nervous system is indispensable phosphorus.Contains a salt in the liver, eggs, brains, rye bread, oatmeal, cheese.During the day, you need to give your body a two and a half grams of phosphorus.Considering that the best it can be released from the products of vegetable origin, and to obtain the necessary element therefrom.

also invaluable for the body's normal salt.A man needs a day for about fifteen grams - use it with food, but bear in mind that this element is also in certain foods.If a person eats animal products, the salt can be quite a bit, because salt contained in processed foods.However, many people like to improve the taste seasoning food excessively, leading to an excess of it in the body.It can provoke certain disorders, because salt retains water, and hence, there may be swelling, complications in the kidneys, liver, heart.Increased pressure, worse working nervous system.

for his miraculous properties of the mineral salts have received deserved recognition in cosmetology.During skin rejuvenation procedures, fabrication of masks for the face, pore cleansing salts are used very widely.They smooth out wrinkles, iron enriches the skin with oxygen, potassium creates an optimum osmotic pressure between the cells of the skin, retains moisture, copper is a kind of antiseptic - it prevents the growth of bacteria, manganese at the cellular level involved in the process of respiration, energy transfer, the microcirculation of substances.

Mineral salts are sold in pharmacies, they can take a bath, do baths for arms and legs, face mask, wash your hair, strengthen nails.