The continents of the Earth

mainland called large tracts of the earth's crust, most of which rises above the level of the oceans.Their basis is the continental crust.How many continents in the world?They are six: Africa, Eurasia, South America, Antarctica, Australia, North America.They are all located in different parts of the planet.The total area occupied by the continents of the Earth, - 29.1% of the entire planet, that is 148,647,000 km².These include the islands, which are located nearby.

Eurasia Eurasia has a larger volume and weight than the other continents of the globe.It is washed by four oceans: from the north side - the Arctic, to the south - Indian, from the east - the Pacific, and from the west - the Atlantic.The continent is in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere around 9 ° W.d. and 169 ° W.d., but part of it (mostly islands) applies to the southern hemisphere, and the majority is located in the Eastern Hemisphere.And only the extreme portion of the east and west are in the Western Hemisphere.The length of Eur

asia from the north to the southern edge of 8 th. Km, and from the west to the east it is 16 th. Km.Its area - ≈ 54 million sq. Km, which is more than a third of the earth's entire land area.The area of ​​the islands of the continent - approximately 2.75 million sq. Km.The continent is in two parts of the world: Asia, Europe, and the boundary between them is carried out conventionally.

From the north continent goes far beyond the Arctic Circle.In the west, at his point is Cape Roca, from the east - Cape Dezhnev.

South America

Most of South America is located in the Southern and Western hemispheres, but a small portion of it is in the Northern Hemisphere.On the western side of the continent washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic - from the east.In the north, the border with North America through the Caribbean Sea and the Isthmus of Panama.The structure of the mainland also enroll different islands.

this continent is more humid than the rest of the continents of the Earth.Total part - 17,850,568 square kilometers, the total area of ​​the river basins of the Parana, the Orinoco and the Amazon is equal to 9.583 million square kilometers.Also in South America is the highest in the world, Angel Falls, Iguazu Falls - the most powerful, the highest navigable lake Titicaca and many other lakes and waterfalls.

North America North America is located in the northern part of the Western Hemisphere of our planet, it is washed by four seas, oceans and several.In the south it is separated from South America, the Isthmus of Panama, and the west side it is divided Eurasia Bering Strait.It ranked as North America and many islands of the Aleutian, Vancouver, Greenland, etc.No area of ​​the island continent is equal to 20.4 million sq. Km, and from the islands is approximately 24.2 million sq. Km.

Africa Africa is the second largest continent on the planet.Its northern coast is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the north-east - the Red, the eastern and southern coast - the Indian Ocean and West - the Atlantic Ocean.It is the only continent, the length of which begins with a sub-tropical zone of the northern and southern subtropical up.It crosses more than one climate zone, as well as the Equator.In addition to the coast of the continent does not exist anywhere natural climate regulation due to the absence of glaciers, mountains and aquifer sediments insufficient irrigation.Africa is drier than the rest of the continents of the Earth.

Continent Antarctica is in the extreme south of the globe.Its central point is about the geographic South Pole.The mainland bordering the Southern Ocean on all sides.It is almost no population, due to harsh climatic conditions.Antarctica is much colder than the other continents of the Earth.Its territory, an area of ​​14 million sq. Km, completely covered with ice and snow.

Australia Located in South Australia and the eastern hemisphere.Its northern and eastern shores are washed by the seas of the Pacific Ocean, and South and West - Indian Ocean.Mainland Area - 7.6 million sq. Km.Around it are islands like Tasmania and New Guinea.