Forex options - an alternative way of increasing the deposit

about independent work on Forex each investor of our time is well known.Many of these make a living, to trade using different trading systems, connecting advisers and listening to the trading signals experienced players.Those who understand the great opportunity to invest in the currency market, but they can not do it on their own because of the lack of time, experience and knowledge use the PAMM or any investment program your broker.However, that all possibilities Forex trading does not end there.

There is another, yet little-known way to benefit from fluctuations in the value of a currency - is options trading.This option earnings have not yet gained much popularity among traders, but nevertheless, you need to know about it in order to properly take advantage when the opportunity and do not miss the opportunity to significantly increase your deposit.

Options Trading Forex traders became available to the public only recently - before the opportunity was only large corporations and banks.Now, even

the small sum of $ 1 will be enough to try such a financial tool in their practice.

What is a Forex Options?

investor who decided to take advantage of this financial instrument, after it receives the right to purchase in the future to buy or sell a specific currency at a predetermined rate.For convenience and clarity, take an example: suppose, the quotation EUR / USD reached the 1.3190 level.Trader, based on technical and fundamental analysis, concludes that by the end of trading session on the current rate of decline, and acquires an option to drop in for $ 100.In the case of correct predictions, the trader can exercise the option at a reasonable price equal to its value multiplied by the coefficient established by the broker.In our example, it is equal to 1.8, so the trader sells a put option for $ 180 and will receive revenue size of $ 80.

Why use forex options?

As usual we trade in the most convenient time of entry into the market by exposing the calculated stop loss and take profit at a level such that the operation was a sufficient income compared to the risks inevitably arise.At the same time, for a good income you need to wait until the price will make quite a strong movement.At the same time options allow forex earn decent even if, when the price will move in the intended direction by only a few points.

When buying an option trader previously online broker puts all his options.When applying automatic calculation occurs, the trader sees the calculated profit.This allows the application before confirming once again to weigh the "pros" and "cons", and then an option to purchase or renegotiate the terms of the transaction.

What makes binary options trading?

This type of contract can be described as "all or nothing".The word "binary" means that this option consists of 2 parts - the first profit accrued in the second - no.With binary option, you can either get specific profits or be left with nothing.You say, too risky?However, there is impressive gains: from 70% to 85% for each operation, in that the time of the transaction can be limited to one minute.If you got some strong news as a result began a rapid price movement, it is unlikely in the next 15 minutes, turning it happens the other way.And even if the price for the duration of the binary option change in the desired direction only by one point - and in this case are all of the same 70 - 85% yield.That is, the gain is not strictly fixed and depends on the number of passed quotation items.

Thus, the options are under certain conditions a very interesting kind of investment.Someone may not like it, and someone will help at times to increase your deposit.In any case, each trader is useful to know about such a possibility.