Inner world

spiritual or inner life of any man is a result of the creation, assimilation, preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage.In its structure it includes:

1. Cognition.On the basis of learning needs of both the world around us, and of themselves, about the meaning and purpose of its existence, formed a personal intelligence.It is a composite of mental abilities that allow you to learn new information by connecting to this process that which has already been received earlier.

2. Emotions.The inner world of man is subject to subjective feelings that arise because of the different situations and phenomena that occur in life.These include anger, joy, surprise and suffering, scorn and shame, fear, and so on.

3. Feelings.The states of emotional manifestation which takes place over a longer period compared to the experiences and having a certain subject areas.These include human moral attitudes: love, friendship, patriotism and others.This category includes and intellectual abilities: curiosity, do

ubt, curiosity.To carry feelings and aesthetic manifestations: depression, elation, disgust and others.

4. World.The inner world of all of us has a certain belief system, as well as ideas and concepts about the nature of the world.It is this component indicates the direction of a person as an individual and is a system formed motivations that contribute to the orientation of any activity, regardless of the situation.

World gives hardness and nature.This component of the internal world, identifying the main thrust and purpose of the individual is reflected in the appearance of a man in his habits, behavior, inclinations and action.

inner world in the form of constituting his world is divided into:

- knowledge;

- the value of a spiritual nature;

- ideals;

- principles;

- ideas;

- beliefs.

belief systems about the nature of the world has its own characteristics.Among them are the following:

1. historicity.The inner world of each one of us always has a close relationship with the stage of development, which is experiencing a society, as well as a set of social and political problems of the country.

2. skepticism, dogmatism, and reasonable criticism, which are features of personal belief systems.

3. Persuasion.This component is a stable outlook on the world and expressed in the principles and ideals, and aspirations in their life incarnation through their deeds and actions.

Formation of outlook can occur in various ways.It can arise spontaneously, taking as a basis for everyday experience and is influenced by the conditions of existence and consciously, if the fundamental ideals and principles are targeted theoretical stage of development.

World has a different emotional coloring.Through it expresses the feeling of the people who appear in an encounter with reality.It can be pessimistic or optimistic.

prevailing belief system in humans plays a primary role in his life.It gives guidance and sets targets in the theoretical and practical activities.World lets you determine the ways of solving the problems.The system views the human enables him to determine the actual value of culture and life.

ultimate set of priorities that determine the rich inner world of man, are his mentality.This combination of vision systems is actually a result of its knowledge and assessment.