Forced feminization of men

Today quite common to hear the expression "forced feminization of men."It was written hundreds of articles, published more than a dozen programs, but, nevertheless, the question of what happens to the once "strong half" of mankind, remains open.

What is meant by this concept, what causes it?What are the prospects in store for our society?Try to understand.I want to say that everything that is written below, is not a scientific article.It's more personal perception, based on publicly available publications and supported by specific knowledge and experience.No more.

What feminization

Medicine highlights the testicular feminization syndrome or feminization as such.It is a genetic disease that manifests itself in the physiological development of the male body of female type.To the subject of our story, it has nothing to do, but do not mention it can not, as many erroneously believe that forced feminization - a manifestation of genetic disorders.

"forced feminization of men" as such does not exist.

It is rather stable semantic phrase that implies an unnatural appearance of the male attributes more typical of the opposite sex.Coercion in this context does not mean direct violence, which caused the change of the physical body or behavioral habits.Psychology considers the manifestation of "femininity" as deficiencies or errors in the process of educating boys.

speak about the manifestation of the effeminate behavior of men in the field of psycho-sexual subculture BDSM, homosexuality or transgender in this article will not, because this is a topic for another discussion.Although it is here forced feminization becomes especially vivid incarnation.My personal opinion is that all of this - the climactic manifestation of psychological personality traits, which were formed more than a year.

reasons for behavior change

Why do men lose the traits that they have in the present?Remember the common phrase that fathers tell their sons when they throw up their hands in front of a problem: "Do not roar, you're a man or not?", "Be strong, you're a man!".Or even anecdotal, "the man said - man made", "men do not dance."Despite the categorical first or second lightness expressions certain grain of truth in them is.

Forgive me psychologists who would surely say that banning cry - the wrong policy of education that such a categorization does not allow maturing boys have enough emotional and say what he feels.To a certain extent they are right, but agree with this assumption can not be infallible.With the help of such phrases that the child hears from his father or mother, subject to the specific action, men formed stereotype response to a particular situation.The boy sees through the eyes of the sample, which causes the process of bright "imprinting."On this basis and formed the behavior of future men.

modern society, unfortunately, does not give the opportunity to get a decent role models.The reason, in my opinion, virtually ceased to exist the family.Girls and boys think the birth and upbringing of the child in a single-parent family naturally, because they themselves grew up in these.Young people do not participate in the upbringing of children and young mothers and did not consider it necessary.Mature women are more likely to give birth to a child "for himself" and raise it accordingly.

For clarity, I want to give an example, which was heard on one of the lectures on family relations: "The boy was brought up her mother and grandmother.Neither one of them with men did not exist.Attempts to build a new women do not even try, "bringing down" their attention and care for the child.Until adolescence boy regularly heard that "all men are bad, but our" so "will not", "men of sense is not only a woman can do everything," etc.Certainly, each of us knows what an eloquent and generous epithets may be offended woman.As a result, instead of the "real man", the ladies managed to nurture a young man who was ashamed and disgusted by belonging to a "needy class."Naturally, wanting to please his beloved mother and grandmother, he tried to be different from most men.Drinking behavior "pretty boy", pleasant to everyone of a certain age, in high school has changed dramatically.Peers cruelly teased, and, at times, and frankly scoffed.Only girls took such a pleasant young man in the company.Now he himself is "realized" as my mother was right. "

further development of the life of this man, I think, quite predictable.In my opinion, these principles of education is forced feminization of boys.

The desire to change a man into a "better" women unconsciously instill sons effeminate mannerisms, and perception of reality in this world."Weaker sex" so desperate to become strong, that nature tends to balance, no choice as to deprive men of this quality.Girls growing up, see the "feminine" boys and do not consider them as fathers to their children.The new generation of playing back the script of "women's education."

give advice, to assess the prospects of development of a society that goes in this direction, it is difficult.It should be a large-scale operation to restore the value of the family institution, and it will take more than one year.Teach women to again be weak and fragile, to give the position to "win" so difficult - not an easy task.No less difficult and men who are accustomed to the fact that women are able to solve all the problems, learn how to act decisively and take responsibility.While the situation does not change, the world's "great mother" room for strong men will be less.