Pets deciduous forests - a large species diversity

Broad-leaved forests on the planet located in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.Occupy a large part of Western Europe, except the Mediterranean, growing in Eastern Europe and the Middle Volga and in the southern part of Central Russia.Large areas occupied by these forests in the Far East, China and Japan, the Korean peninsula is covered with them.In North America, this natural area is located in the northeastern part of the continent.

most suitable climate for them is temperate continental or temperate maritime, with mild winters and relatively hot summers.For this natural area characterized by deciduous tree species: hornbeam, oak, maple, beech, linden, elm, chestnut, ash.The herbaceous cover is dominated by wild ginger, sedge, goutweed, lungwort, prolesnik and others.

Animals deciduous forests presents a large variety of mammals.There are many lives of ungulates, and among them in the first place should be made of elk, deer, roe deer and wild boar.Among large rodents meet beavers,

muskrats, nutria, squirrels.

Carnivorous animals deciduous forest - a brown bears, wolves, foxes, lynxes.From smaller predators could be called wild cat, marten and polecat.These forests are home to many large birds, such as grouse, black grouse, ducks, herons, cranes.From small birds most common swallows, finches, starlings, crossbills, woodpeckers.In the waters of the forest zone is dominated by carp among fish, salmon are also found.

Animals deciduous forests of North America, the species composition is almost not different from the European ones, but there are also some endemic animals, which do not see in other parts of the world, such as American black bear black bear.Widespread raccoons, badgers, skunks.The fauna of the North American deciduous forests has a representative species of marsupial rat - the opossum.

tailed or Virginia deer is a European noble kinsman.In the past, it was carried out commercial hunting, resulting in the number of these graceful animals significantly reduced.

The birds actually American species best known for wild turkey, there are also hummingbirds, penetrating from the south of the continent.

Animals deciduous forests of East Asia are adapted to life in the wet warm season and cold winter.The fauna is rich and distinctive, it is composed of species that are close to the North American and Asian tropical - tigers, leopards, some birds and insects.

Within China's forests is low, the Far Eastern forests are preserved mainly in Russian.Respect for nature in Japan helped save the forest mountain belt on the islands of Hokkaido and Honshu.Forest Animals feel at ease as in numerous national parks and reserves throughout the country.

Currently, this natural area as a result of human activities greatly compromised as a result, many residents of deciduous forests are on the verge of extinction.In large areas in Eurasia and North America broad-leaved trees are replaced by fast-growing small-leaved.Gradually reduced and habitats of certain species of fauna.Many rare endangered animals such as spotted deer, bustards, mandarin, red wolf, the mountain is included in the International Red Book and are strictly protected.