The leaders of the USSR

In this article you will find out what policies were leaders of the USSR, their achievements and effort to make the country better.Let's look at two prominent representatives, who made history: LI Brezhnev and Mikhail Gorbachev

Soviet Leaders Leonid Brezhnev

were leaders of the USSR, which provided people a good and decent life.One of them was Brezhnev.Soviet state and party leader was born in the village Kamenka, in the family of an ordinary metallurgist.With fifteen years, he began working life.After graduating from the Kursk land management and reclamation technical school in 1927, he worked at the Orsha District Kochanowski Area.Since 1923, he joined the Komsomol, and in 1931 became a member of the Communist Party.At the end of the metallurgical Dneprodzerzhinsk University, he worked at a metallurgical plant engineer.Since 1964, he became the first head of the Communist Party Central Committee sovetstkih Union.From 1960 to 1964, he was one of the chairmen of the Board of the Soviet Union.Since

1977, Marshall became the USSR.The Secretaries-General of the USSR, which were up to Brezhnev, flatteringly about his politics.

Soviet President

in my life received more than two hundred various medals and awards that honor at his funeral carried forty-four senior officers, attaching each award at the velvet cushion.Soviet leaders spoke positively about the policy of Brezhnev.

Mikhail Gorbachev

World political, state and public figure, Soviet President Gorbachev was born in the village of Privolnoe March 2, 1931, in a family of peasants.At the age of sixteen he received the order.After leaving school with a silver medal in 1950, he entered the Moscow State University.MVUniversity to law school.

took komsolskoy active in the organization of the institution, and in 1952 joined the of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, where the result was general secretary from 1985 to 1991.He was the first and last president of the Soviet Union.Since 1993, he was one of the members of the board and co-founder of one of the leading newspapers.Many awards and honors earned this person.In 1990 he received the Nobel Prize.Soviet leaders were notable for their assertiveness and confidence.

Secretaries-General of the USSR

During his public activity due to Gorbachev took a very serious changes in the country, which have had a significant impact on the entire world, but in the end were the result of a set of events, such as the end of the Cold War, the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan,introduction of the policy of glasnost and democratic elections, freedom of the press and speech, and the reform of the Soviet system, the rejection of the communist ideology, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union, the majority of the transition countries of the former Soviet Union on democracy and the market economy.The leaders of the USSR Gorbachev blamed for the collapse of the Union, but, according to historians, to avoid that it was simply impossible.

These leaders have made a special contribution to the development of the country.Their life is very difficult and interesting.To view it in more detail, you can on the Internet.