Ideology - a principle of social organization

In a simple understanding of ideology - is, above all, a system of views and ideas.This is a very important social phenomenon, which currently has several types.All of them were formed in strict dependence on the realities specific to a particular era.Ideology is closely linked with the policy as it is - part of the state structure, from which depends the realization of a particular belief system.To better understand this phenomenon, we will look at the history of its origin, species, and examine the role played by ideology in contemporary society.

concept of ideology

first started talking about her French: A. Destutt de Tracy and Etienne de Condillac in the late 18th century, tried to create a science, the subject of which would be devoted to the ideas and principles of their formation.They believed that this teaching should be structured rules of leadership in social life, so it should act as the basis of the elements of law, politics and morality.

But Napoleon rejected the abstract ideas of

these scholars, and the concept of ideology was forgotten long before Karl Marx began to establish his theory, in which it was to become one of the key.According to the Marxist theory of ideology - is an expression of the interests of a particular class.

She is currently perceived as a belief system that includes the interests of a small group or society, and also reflects the attitude of people towards reality.

Types ideology

As an ideology - a multifaceted concept, which includes a whole system of views, over time it formed several species under the influence of political and economic factors.

  • Liberalisticheskaya.This ideology attracts attention to the freedom of man.Its adherents believe that individual rights and freedoms must be supported by a legal basis.There is also shown the greatest freedom to dispose of property: Legislation regulates this process is minimal, allowing a person to use his property as he pleases.In general, according to liberalism, any manifestation of personality (behavior in society, as well as ways of self-realization) should be limited to the minimum legislation: on the one hand, this is a positive quality of ideology, but freedom must be timely, because misplaced liberalism can corrupt society.
  • Conservative ideology - is, first of all, following the traditions, values ​​and religious doctrines.It denied any extremism and radical reform, and promoted stability, the strengthening of security and military forces.
  • Socialist.This ideology proclaimed social justice and equality.Public ownership - a characteristic feature of socialism.Citizens provided by the state, and they, in turn, work to the benefit of it.
  • Antiideologizm.Recently, it is becoming more popular, it means the rejection of any of the existing ideologies.

main functions of ideology

There are 5 basic functions:

  1. Orientation humanity.Since ideology contains a system of values, as well as the main provisions of the structure of society and the role of the individual in it, one way or another in the implementation of these views human activity is corrected.
  2. mobilization of people.Supporters ideology are grouped together to realize a common vision, to which they are committed to.
  3. integration of society.Ideology is more global than any personal interest in the integration of the people is expressed: they take common views and interests.
  4. amortization.Sometimes between the needs and capabilities of classes and groups of people there is a discrepancy.Then the ideology is weakening, mitigate conflict.
  5. expression and protection of interests.Ideology is formed taking into account the circumstances of real life.Despite having elevated ideas in any concept, some of which are of practical value.After all, ideas are not bringing practical benefits, rarely many adherents.From this it appears that every belief system, adopted by the company, corresponds to anyone's interests, and therefore, is aimed at their implementation and protection.

In modern conditions, as we see, the ideology - a necessary phenomenon, which brings together public and send it to achieve common goals.