How to choose the best camera

Of course, each of us wants to have the best camera.Buying it is usually preceded by a detailed study of the market, market research proposals through online resources, interviewing friends and relatives, visiting forums and photo equipment store.Buying a camera - a serious matter and requires special knowledge, a clear understanding of purpose.

Today the market offers a myriad of cameras for every taste, color, and size.So by and large the concept of "best camera" has a few symbolic connotation.First we need to clearly articulate the purpose of the purchase.Do I need a camera for mobile reportage shooting or for portraits, whether significant or the presence of a video for this purpose already have a camcorder, whether printed pictures or later they are intended exclusively for the Internet, social networks and viewing on a computer monitor.An important criterion is also the price.It is important to note that if the purchase of the soap dish is a one-time investment, the purchase of a professional

camera is connected with the permanent extra costs for the purchase of accessories, lenses, rings, external flashes, remote synchronization and other additional equipment.It is a highly individual matter.By and large, the best camera - the one that is perfect for you in certain situations.However, there are statistics, sales reports and customer reviews.

According to the consumer survey, identified the best professional camera 2012.They became full-format SLR camera Nikon D800.No one had not expected that it will be possible to eclipse model Nikon D700, but the novelty succeeded.The camera has 36 megapixels, ISO6400, and eliminates the need for an external flash.

The price of the camera is quite acceptable.It is, without exaggeration, the best camera for professionals in 2012.

in the nomination "the best compact camera" became a leader of the camera company Sony RX100.This miniature marvel of photographic equipment is a diagonal matrix of 1 '', elegant lens with a zoom from 28 to 100 mm and a high aperture ratio, a decent rate, excellent functionality and an enviable quality of video.The camera is compact and its intuitive menus.

The only "but" can be considered the price (about $ 800), but this is justified because, having such a device, you can not think about the lost class frames and light transmission line.

Strange but true: in the "Best Camera of 2012," was able to get a mobile phone camera ....This unprecedented hitherto a precedent, since no camera mobile devices are not included in the top five.Managed to Finnish company Nokia with its model PureView 808. The phone itself is a special delicacy is no different, but the camera deserves the title of most-most.It has a sensor 1 / 1.2 '', 38-megapixel resolution, a fantastic rate.Unfortunately, the phone is not provided with decent HD display and has no androidovskoy base.That is, the cell phone itself is unremarkable.But what a camera!

Such are they different, these cameras: baby giants, workers and aristocrats imposing, handsome and functional.There are many, and they are something like us.But most importantly, we all need from the camera - the ability to convey the beauty of our lives.