Effective protection from harm - Expecto Patronum!

in the wizarding world has its own hierarchy.As elsewhere, there are weak, and there are strong.Spells differ on the same principle.There is a level of spell that not everyone will be able to implement a wizard.He either does not work or the effect can get away from the expected.

Spell "expecto patronum"

This spell is the aerobatics of the world of magic.Only a strong magician can perform it without harm to themselves or others.But even if, for example, very young magician tries - he did not succeed.The reasons for this may be several: lack of experience, lack of concentration, dim memory.

"Expecto patronum" literally means "I am waiting for the defense."It is necessary to introduce some most vivid memory or a moment and say "expecto patronum."When the required concentration occurs Patronus.If the spell created a powerful mage, you will see the animal, personifying the wizard.If the force is small, there will be a trickle-veil.


Spell "expecto Patronus" is used to protect against

Dementors and other dark creatures that feed your joyful memories and emotions.Instead, they leave only emptiness, fear and bitterness.When they approached the victim feels genuine horror, so summon any positive emotions sometimes not possible.This requires a truly enormous willpower and well-trained to focus.

If the spell turned the scales, it will protect the wizard from the Dementor.But if a powerful wizard called his Patronus, the animal will be able to fight off monsters, even though their number.This is the most common application.

addition to protection against dark entities, there is another purpose of the oath.Speaking Patronus can deliver the message to the other magician in a small distance.Also, using the Patronus can illuminate your way while traveling in unknown and dangerous path.

Audience spell "expecto patronum"?

There is a misconception that this spell can only use a good wizard.But this is nothing more than someone's invention.Spell is designed for every magician, regardless of affiliation to a particular party.

The main point is to focus on the causes feeling.It does not have to be emotionally-colored positive.It is only important feelings with the experience of the caster.