This was the first satellite in Earth orbit

early autumn morning in 1957, and more precisely on October 3 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch vehicle the world's first artificial satellite carefully put in a vertical position.It is added to the end of a huge work of many groups of the Soviet Union.There was still forty hours of inspections, fixings and unrest, but the appearance of a spaceship is already instilled some confidence in the success of such a difficult case.It was beautiful.The weather was frosty, and the whole rocket fueling of railway tanks, standing nearby, covered with frost, sparkling like diamond dust.

first Soviet satellite PS-1, and he was already in the bow of the ship was a small (weighing less than 84 kilograms), spherical, its diameter is 580 mm.Inside it, in an atmosphere of dried nitrogen, is an electronic unit, which by the standards of today's achievements might seem too simple.However, the conclusions of a hurry you should not - on lamp element base and using automatic mechanical devices has been implemented fairly

sophisticated algorithm.When the first satellite was separated from its carrier, it went from four antenna pin, providing stable RF signal passing in all directions.Orientate the position of the device in space, then it was a measure of premature and directionless emitters solves the problem of warning of ground services on the work systems and location in orbit.

Broadcast were alternately two-watt transmitter, after demodulation, it was a beep as a "dash", and in the case if the work of some of the nodes become abnormal, "beep" sounded to most.Hosted by radio amateurs I had to call to testify that the first satellite in orbit is really revolves.

equipment needed to comply with the strict temperature control, and it supports built-in fan heaters.

first satellite orbited vehicle R-7, the latest at the time, who had the secret code "8K71PS object."It was only the fifth missile launch, created in KB, headed by SPKorolev.The main and original its purpose - delivering nuclear weapons, the goal - the American continent.But this formidable technique and found the peaceful use - to bring the first satellite in near-Earth space.

General Designer was not easy to convince management of the need for space flight, and when that failed, set very tight deadlines.The work of different ministries and departments were at the same time, much was unknown, and the technology developed as they arise and challenges.The first satellite was able to establish a schedule.

at 10:28 pm Moscow time on October 4, the rocket soared into the sky, and soon Tass announced the implementation of a long-standing dream of all humankind - travel to distant galaxies became a real possibility, proven in practice.

high on the head of inhabitants of the planet was flying a small star, the first satellite.USSR became his homeland, scientists, engineers and workers - by its creators, and there was no limit to rejoice all the people who feel their involvement in the achievement.