The history of tourism: from ancient times to the present day

Journey to ancient man was literally any walk.Our ancestors encouraged to wander a few reasons: the desire to explore new territory more favorable for housing, and, of course, curiosity, thirst for knowledge of the world.

Subsequently, when the money and the division of people into various orders, formed the category, are forced to travel constantly.The history of tourism development at the initial stage of its formation has the following unique features:

- The development of trade.It is thanks to her people to satisfy their desire to understand the world.For merchants built a tavern, inn, one might say, the first hotel.The service was not up to par.In addition, these institutions had the reputation of brothels.

- Development of various religions promoted travel at different times, but especially in the Middle Ages.Thousands of pilgrims rushed to other countries to see the shrine.For them, created by the hotel, they were fed, they were told and showed the holy places.In general, we do all that is

now used for tourist services.

- The development of art and culture.The history of tourism, there are several categories of travelers who either want to see the sights and customs of another country, or learn another language, education received abroad.

There were people who had traveled in order to improve their health, to find a country with a more favorable climate for them.

entire history of tourism is divided into four main stages:

  • Since the dawn of civilization to 1841 - the initial stage.
  • 1841 - 1914.- The stage of inception of organized tourism.
  • 1914 - 1945.- Formation of the tourism industry.
  • 1945 to today - globalization of tourism.


was the most popular watercraft.But in most cases, they moved on animals or on foot.

Popularity water transport peaked in ancient times.Even in those days the ships could make traveling long distances.Thus, we began to build a new state on the shores of the seas.

In the 18-19 centuries became popular coach.However, this vehicle had a number of disadvantages.It was cramped, narrow, could not accommodate a large number of people.

The Enlightenment was the story of tourism include the privileged classes, who usually traveled abroad to get an education.Without this know he could not start his career.

increase in the number of free time also contributed to the development of tourism.

Contemporary Stage

Today, people travel, mainly to rest, a change of scenery.The tourism industry at the moment is moving forward by leaps and bounds.Create new attractions, hotels are under construction.As in the past, not everyone can afford to travel.

history of tourism has entered a new stage.Today, some countries are living at the expense of travelers.That they are almost the main source of income.For example, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Egypt.