The withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan took place as winners or losers?

fifteenth of February 1989 - the official day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.At 10:00 am, the last soldier, Lieutenant-General of the 40th Army BV Gromov, left Afghanistan on the border, passing the bridge over the Amu Darya River.Since then, it took 24 years, but the events of the war have not yet been erased from the memory of the participants, to remind us of them in books, movies.Everyone remembers the sensational film "9 rota", describing the events of the war.In one episode, the question about what he would do after returning home, the soldier said, "Drink, then another drink, and drink until you forget all the nightmare that it endured."What went through Soviet soldiers there, in the mountains of Afghanistan and most importantly, for what?

protracted 10-year war

Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan marked the end of the war, which we, in fact, do not know almost nothing.If you compare it with the First and Second World Wars, the information on the "mountain hikes" in the pr

otracted incomplete 10 years, preserved only in the memory of the participants.The unspoken war began on 25 December 1979, and as a result, the invasion of the USSR showed the international arena as an aggressor.

In particular, the Group of Seven countries did not understand the decision of the USSR and the USA only teshilis this, as the Cold War between the two strongest nations waged a long time.On December 29, the newspaper "Pravda" has been published on the treatment of Afghan government outside help to resolve internal conflicts.The Soviet Union provided assistance, but almost immediately realized "Afghan error", and the road back was difficult.In order to implement the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the government took almost 10 years, it was necessary to sacrifice the lives of 14 thousand soldiers, 53 thousand maim, and to carry out the life of 1 million Afghans.For the Soviet soldiers it was difficult to wage a guerrilla war in the mountains, while the Mujahideen knew them inside out.

Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan has become one of the major issues that had been raised for the first time February 7, 1980.But the government then felt the need to delay the troops, because the situation in Afghanistan, in their opinion, are not stabilized.For the complete liberation of the country it had to be 1.5 - 2 years.Soon Brezhnev decided on the withdrawal of troops, but it did not support the initiative of Yuri Andropov, DF Ustinov.For some time, the solution of the problem stopped, and the soldiers continued to fight and die in the mountains, it is unclear for whose interests.And only in 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev resumed the issue of troop withdrawal plan was approved, according to which, within two years of the Soviet forces were to leave Afghanistan.It was only after the intervention of the UN paper went into business.Pakistan and Afghanistan signed a peace treaty, the United States were forbidden to meddle in the internal affairs of the country and the Soviet Union had to carry out the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

Soviet soldiers returned with a victory or a defeat?

Many wonder how, with what result ended the war?Can we consider the Soviet soldiers winners?The unequivocal answer is no, but the Soviet Union did not set themselves the task to conquer Afghanistan, he was to assist the Government in the stabilization of the internal situation.The Soviet Union is likely to lose this war himself, 14 thousand soldiers and their families.Who asked to send troops to the country, which was waiting for them there?History knows no more reckless slaughter, has suffered such sacrifices.The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in 1989 was the most intelligent decision in the course of this war, but the sad sediment will remain forever in the hearts of physically and mentally injured members and their families.