Establishment of limited liability companies, particularly their functioning

Limited Liability Company (LLC) - a company that builds one or more physical (legal) persons in order to obtain business income.The financial foundation of any company - co-founders share an equal share conditions or under general contract is issued as a founding document.

registry of owners, on which are calculated the profit / loss of each of the members of the limited liability company, is a kind of "constitution" of the company.The content of the document is considered a trade secret.Characteristically, the magnitude of potential losses commensurate with the value of the equity and can not exceed the financial equivalent of the market value of the shares.For example, one of the shareholders owned 35% of shares.Consequently, its share of the profit / loss also does not exceed 35% of the market capitalization of the company.

What distinguishes this company?

Limited Liability Company has a constituent fund in the amount of more than 100 times the minimum wage.Charter company establishes pr

ocedural issues and rules for the structure of the company, management of shares, profit sharing and responsibility for payment in the event of force majeure, bankruptcy.Individual documents are fixed principles of financial and economic activity and market behavior.Registration limited liability companies is carried out for about 10 days.Then, the management company issued a copy of the registration certificate, the Charter and the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

statutory rights and obligations

founders of limited liability companies do not bear any personal responsibility for the activities of company.In other words, they may be its founders, but not leaders.Moreover, even if we are talking about responsibility, it follows from the fact of ownership of shares, that is, force majeure can only lead to a redistribution of assets and equity in business.

Authorized capital of limited liability companies formed as a means of financial investments and technical investment.Thus, they can only be created by involving industrial and other assets that are not directly related to the solution of financial issues.Although still have to attract working capital, funds for the purchase of licenses and so on. D.

crucial that if any of the limited liability companies does not receive profits, contributions to the Pension Fund is temporarily suspended.

Among the shortcomings - the shareholder may at any moment to leave the company.At the same time he was supposed to compensation in the amount of its equity participation in the authorized capital.Often, such cases lead to the forced closure of the small company, which requires additional cost - bankruptcy rather complicated and bureaucratic complex.We should not forget about the attention from the state regulatory bodies.At least, financial and fiscal monitoring activities LLC sufficiently rigorous and unpleasant for young companies.