What kind of car to buy a newbie

not the last role in our life take the car.The car is not only a means of transportation, but also the assistant, and in most cases, even a close friend, sometimes without which we can not imagine its existence.If in our life time has come when you need to make an important decision about what kind of car to buy or what to trade, to approach this issue should be thoroughly.Since the acquisition of a considerable, and ride on it will have at least 3-4 years.

Tragically, the domestic automobile market of today is not able to compete with foreign ones.That is why the question about what kind of car to buy, unequivocal answer is the following: the German foreign car production because the quality of these cars are different from others.Even second-hand cars from Germany would be better, more reliable than "ours."

advantage of German cars, firstly in the assembly of high quality.Long experience has shown that the German automobile manufacturing and assembly without major repairs are up to 10 years wit

hout serious damage.

Secondly, producing its cars, the Germans used only modern technology, as it does not lag behind the progress and keep pace with the times.This allows you to maintain the level at the height of the comfort of the car.This, of course, can not affect the cost, because the German car - not a cheap pleasure.But after a couple of years of operation, they are significantly impaired, without losing its performance.Why buy a car from Germany, even the city - a great investment.And almost everyone agrees that the German cars have a high level of security.

German manufacturers are working for their customers, care for them and fight for everyone, because security is not the last of the criteria.

If you decide to make a successful investment, it will be a good help for you online.Here you can find a lot of information not only where it is, but also how to buy a car in Germany, a package of documents necessary to have, buying a car, as well as the cost of customs clearance.

On the Internet you can still see the ranking of the reliability of the machine, also has information on exactly what to focus the purchase, not to fall into a mess.

has long ceased to be a luxury car, and carry out its function as a primary means of transportation, and services are made available to car loans to purchase a car for every people.

And completed long hikes on instances, gathered all the necessary papers and issued credit.And then a dilemma: what kind of car to buy a beginner, choose a car device, etc.

Not every car driver to suit newly made.And the cost of the machine is not particularly critical.

What kind of car to buy?Professional advice.

Firstly, the size of the "iron horse."Do not buy too much at once, and long car.As operate the machine in a stream is more convenient in a small car.In addition, for the beginner park - the most difficult time, and learn how to make it easier to be an oversized car.

Secondly, the safety of the car.It is not necessary to spend money and buy security systems passive and active.No doubt, once they will never be, but you can do, and the three main ABS, a pair of airbags and, of course, belts.

Thirdly, the selection of a transmission.If you live in the city and drive through the crowded streets of the road with the usual and endless traffic jams and traffic lights, the best choice for you, no doubt, will be an automatic transmission.However minus here that if it is required to mechanically retrained, there may be difficulties.

What kind of car to buy b / y, or a new one?

There uniquely difficult to say.Having paid the same amount, you can gain a new car, or a couple of years older and higher class.Everyone has to make choices that appealed to him, because what car is right for you, only you can decide.