Blood Moon - a phenomenon that is worth seeing

beginning of the century was full of astronomical events, is the interest of both professionals and delight in the simple observers.Solar eclipses, Supermoon, a parade of planets has received a lot of pleasant moments of lovers looking at the sky.Among these events stands out the bloody moon - a phenomenon disturbing minds and generate new predictions about the end of the world.

scientific explanation

very name natural wonder is rather unpleasant and even frightening association.However, the bloody moon - a phenomenon not of demonic origin, and to a greater degree of physical, well-founded from a scientific point of view.In fact, it is a total lunar eclipse coinciding with the moments of the life of the sun when it goes down or goes.The color change is due to the Earth's satellite characteristics of the refraction of light in the atmosphere of our planet.

As we know, the lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth, the night light and the sun are arranged in a line, and so that our cosmic house hides in

the shadow of his companion.The blood-red moon becomes visible due to light rays that reach it shortly before the final entry into the Earth's shadow.On the way they meet atmosphere Blue Planet, by virtue of its best features transmissive longer wavelengths.Rays reach the moon's surface and alter its color.The same mechanism - the reason for such spectacular sunrises and sunsets of the earth.

Optical Illusion

Sunrise Bloodmoon characterized another feature.Refraction of light particles of the atmosphere "move" to the observer in time the appearance of celestial bodies, in this case - the Sun and the Moon.As a result, light is the day to the world a little earlier than it actually goes, and the earth companion can be seen for some time after the call.

Fab Four

Blood Moon - a phenomenon that someone will delight and frighten someone more than once in the coming year.In 2014, already passed two similar lunar eclipse: April 15 and October 8.Witness the event might people of the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Australia and South-West Asia.In the near future there will be a couple of bloody Moon 4 April and 28 September 2015.A series of astronomical phenomena called notebooks.For two years, a red moon will rise every six months.A single occurrence of "bleeding" of the satellite is more or less frequently, but tetralogy marks the sky is much less common.


Scientists conducted a study sunrises four blood moons in centuries.It was found that between 1582 and 1908 there were none.At the same time analyzed for 50 centuries, the total number of calculated tetrads exceeded 140. These include the red and the moon in 2003 and 2004.The forecast for the future is impressive: Nibble become relatively common event.Upon completion next year again astronomical phenomenon will transform the sky into the 2032-2033 the 2043-2044 biennium.The total number of tetrads, expected in the coming decades - six.

menacing omen

Although the bloody moon - a phenomenon which has scientifically substantiated the origin, it is attributed due to the global disaster.Penetrating deep into the centuries, the human mind often finds a confirmation of their own theories.Red Moon and the value attributed to it is not an exception.

Of the more than hundreds of tetrads that have passed before the end of the sixteenth century and in the last century, much attention is paid to the fact that coincided with the military conflict and the persecution of Christians and Jews.So it was in the middle of 2, the end of 15 centuries and in 1949-1950., As well as in 1967.Religious leaders of different countries consider the bloody moon bad sign, warning of impending troubles and ruin.At the height of the tragic forecasts hear predictions about the end of the world and humanity.

Match violent events of history with an astronomical phenomenon stirs the blood.To be indifferent to such difficult, but believe it or not in the impending disaster is a matter of personal.


safe to say that, regardless of the theories and predictions, willing to look at the mysterious and rare phenomenon it was and will be a lot.Just watch the eclipse, and redness of the satellite will be able at the same time, not all the inhabitants of our planet.Part of the land with the best conditions for viewing astronomical phenomenon should be in the shade, that is, under the cover of night, and in a certain position relative to the Sun and the Moon.However, for the rest of the population of the event will be available.

Bloody moon - a phenomenon whose photo delight and frighten.Of course, the picture can not be compared with reality, but will join the significant celestial events, to experience elation, awe or fear of speaking in front of people always feel a huge space overhead, but significantly strengthens in such moments.