How can I clean the blood?

Manipulating blood held a variety of purposes: charity and earnings (donation), improvement of the body, the vital need (transfusions).In that case, if a person has decided to bring the body in order to feel better, the doctors recommend to clean the internal environment, which is formed of a liquid connective tissue.During the procedure should take into account all contraindications and be sure to consult with your doctor.

How safe cleaning of the blood?

If carried the hardware effects, the problems such as the transfusion will not arise.This is due to the fact that a person's blood is not poured, and its own is passed through a sterile system.Therefore, the probability of "catch" a virus or bacterium is quite low.Therefore the main task of the patient - to check that all tools have been of the new packages, but the doctor kept in the relevant health standards.It is also advisable to check the license of the medical center, which offers conducting the procedure: it may be issued only by Ministry of


what purpose was cleaned of blood?

in the body with air, poor quality food and water gets plenty of unnecessary and sometimes even poisonous substances.In his youth, thanks to the good work of the organs and systems are well displayed.However, with age, there are disruptions in the body, which are expressed in slagging and high cholesterol.Therefore, cleaning the blood helps support the work of the organs and systems at an appropriate level, and to withdraw from all of them unnecessary.

What methods can be carried out this procedure?

Sometimes people resort to folk ways: diet and herbal medicine.The choice of herbs, which was cleaned of blood cholesterol and other harmful substances, is quite wide.These include dandelion, burdock, wild rose.Useful mixtures of: celery and parsley, yarrow and calendula.Usually these ingredients brewed tea, prepare the infusion or decoction made.

in health facilities are used very different methods.For example, laser treatment of blood.This procedure consists of exposure through an optical waveguide laser photons that are sent to any available vein.Therefore, the main effect in the bloodstream.The procedure provides an effective treatment: cardiovascular system occurs vasodilation eliminated spasms dissolve microthrombuses;It has a tonic effect on the ovaries and thyroid.Also after the procedure improves respiratory function and bronchodilation observed.

sometimes held gemosorbatsiya.This treatment allows the blood to remove the unwanted substances, such as cholesterol.This procedure gives a positive effect in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, eczema, allergic reactions.However, in acute infections, brain damage and malignant tumors gemosorbatsiyu not carried out.Usually, it is missing six sessions to achieve the desired effect.

Another method - gemoksigenatsiya.In this case, blood introduced through the ozonated saline drip.Due to this the neutralization of microorganisms and toxins.Oxygen saturation is useful for toxicity, infections and poisoning, in addition, with SARS.This method is good because it is to use it are no absolute contraindications.