Drama - a replacement of the tragedy?

no accident that the title I put the question this way - I was wondering if this is really so.Therefore read a lot of information and concluded that the drama - a literary genre, replacing the tragedy and became one of the three major along with comedy.

similarity with comedy - in a reflection of everyday life, playing a completely standard situations.But the purpose of these two genres put opposite.Comedy - make fun of these vital "scrape", a drama - to talk about the conflict with human, environment, society, but it is not showing the hopelessness of the situation.

believed that the drama has its origins in the 18th century, when European playwrights have organized so-called "bourgeois drama", which are mostly telling us about family problems and describe everyday situations.

probably why many of us due to the reflection of everyday life vicissitudes close drama.Definition from this thing as you know, is ambiguous.Referring to a number of popular interpretations.

Firstly, the drama - is, as men

tioned above, the literary genre, built mostly in the form of a dialogue, characterized by the presence of solve the problem of the tragedy and the more mundane relationships between individuals, the individual and society.

Second, the drama - a genre of cinematography, which is essentially similar to literary counterpart.Here, in the first place it is also the man who is keenly aware of the existence of problems in their lives, trying to resolve these problems, to find a compromise and to move away from conflict.

During the hero of the film is experiencing a variety of emotions, his thoughts are reflected in the form of monologues, which are very important for the drama.They help us to better understand the feelings of inner restlessness and people involved in various life situations.

Typically, the paintings present no more than two or three story lines, the main characters are not numerous, but each of them is experiencing a sharp conflict, no matter internal or interpersonal.

One of the most popular varieties of the genre is a psychological drama.Surely each of us have seen at least one such film, however, it turned out to be among the directors There is a joke: "If it is difficult to deal with the stylistics of the picture, then write that it is a psychological drama."The definition of this concept is played have a secondary role.

thus wrong to assume that any movie with a corresponding mark relates to the aforementioned genre.According to experts, the psychological drama is very exotic, and not every film is able to hold on to the title.

Often, when viewing these paintings we experience some discomfort, we can not understand the actions of the characters, some of which we openly assign a lunatic behavior.But what is most surprising, we mesmerizing psychological drama by the minute view more, because only there sometimes lose touch events, the characters break the rules, may even present a note of unreality.

But all this, oddly enough, by the end of the movie from the vague mass moves into the picture with a clear outline, and all the events that took place one hour show, arranged in a logical chain.Surprisingly, it is very difficult to describe the emotions from this movie, so I advise all who have not yet seen any drama in this spirit rather fix it.

Thus, the drama - is not only a literary genre, known for its peculiarities us from school, but also a wonderful component of the film industry.I can not but rejoice that there are directors who specialize specifically on the art and create wonderful pictures, which is certainly worth a look.