What sarcasm

What sarcasm?Ask this question to several friends, I got a very similar answers - this lack of candor, veiled joke over the lack of another person.Indeed, why us, do not feed bread, pulls "pin" the interlocutor, and we ourselves are capable of easily offended by such manifestations in our direction?

Scientists have shown that moderate amounts of sarcasm is useful because it helps our brain work and featuring the humor of the really negative attitude towards our person.

What sarcasm for those who constantly practice it?Perhaps a way of expression, a way to rise, humiliating the other, but looking at it not in the best light.There are already talking psychologists - they are advised to guard those who constantly uses this weapon, and even several times a day.The majority of these people are complex, not always pleased with themselves, and that no one else has noticed, speak first.As is known, the best defense - the attack.

meaning of the word is defined as sarcasm - an evil grin, aimed at strengthen

ing the contrast between the caustic remark and expressed reality.By the way, the Internet forums, many write that this category is not always negative, sometimes it is fun and enjoyable - make fun of others, and like such a mockery both sides.

Of course, there are exceptions, especially code you are in the circle of close friends, about which you know almost everything fun of a particular episode in the life - is not a reason to refer themselves to a category of people, which was written above.But psychologists advise to mature in the root and may see a specialist, because some, if they want to use less evil tongue, it just can not.So what is the sarcasm?A certain kind of habit.

Very often irony and sarcasm are used in our speech as synonymous, but this is not true.What is the sarcasm, we have already figured out, but you need to understand how it differs from irony.Ironically, as we know, is often found in the literature, that is, it is a way to convey to the reader something absurd, but without exposing it in a negative light.

course, sarcasm is also used by writers, but quite in other genres.Many authors, writers have resorted to this instrument in their articles to expose the reality, revealing the truth, perhaps, hiding from the readers.

By the way, recently on a radio show was dedicated to the theme "Sarcasm - what is it?", In which people spoke ambiguously.I, as a writer, interested, of course, a subjective opinion, but the girl, based on concrete facts, like a lot more.

So, she told me that in some of our study, domestic psychologists decided to recreate a certain situation in which people are subjected to various emotional challenges.As a result, it became clear that sarcastically they treat their "colleagues" in misfortune when their actions caused the most powerful negative emotions.

experts, on this basis, concluded that behind the mask of sarcasm often simply hides hatred which source (man) tries to carefully mask joke.It turns out that the sarcasm - is anger and negativity.But really, it is worth considering, because the word "sarcasm" in a circle of friends we would rather confuse the interpretation of irony.However, with a less pleasant people is acute on the tongue.The study has some truth.

summarize.What sarcasm, if not evil grin aimed at underlining the shortcomings of another person?Probably the game of contrasts used by writers, politicians, and many other leading public figures to create a vivid and memorable speech.Select each of us, in what doses and for what to use such a dangerous weapon, which if used improperly, if not fraught with conflicts, misunderstandings, and hidden resentment.