How is the plastic chin

As is known, the attractiveness of the face, especially the female, made up of many parts.The correct shape of the face, lips and harmonious nose, eye shape - every feature, of course, is of great importance, not only can give the image of perfection, but also to break it as a whole.For example, the chin lowered because age-related changes can not only degrade the profile, but also be aesthetic defect entire face.

today to help each person comes to plastic chin anyway mentoplasty.This procedure implies a correction of the shape of the chin, which in turn allows you to eliminate the existing experienced cosmetic and aesthetic defects.Plastic chin, as a rule, appointed for patients who due to age-related changes sufficient weight dropped soft tissue.It should be noted that it is in this case the plastic chin often held together with contour facelift.

On the other hand, plastic chin is preferred in the case where the birth occurs in a human teardrop shape, or vice versa after the accidents had serious

facial deformity.

Mentoplasty today carried out in two ways: using an external incision in the natural crease of the skin directly under the chin, or use an internal incision in the mucosa of the mouth.Most often, patients choose the second option, since in this case, after the surgery does not leave any scars or bruises.

Plastic double chin makes it possible not to use a major surgery, as the procedure is simple liposuction.

Initially, the surgeon must separate the sagging muscles over the years, and after just sew together.After a careful and detailed measurements of the skin, its excesses are easily removed.This procedure terminates the imposition of a small cosmetic seam and tight bandage.

Contour chin is usually performed under local anesthesia, therefore, immediately after surgery, the patient can go home.Tight bandage should not be removed within two weeks after Mentoplasty.As a rule, the healing and rehabilitation period ranging from two weeks to one month.

often experts after the completion of the rehabilitation period, recommend a course of recovery procedures, such as mesotherapy, biorevitalization etc.There are a number of other cosmetic procedures that are not only beneficial to the skin, but also, and provide a therapeutic effect.

Thus, precisely because of this article, you can be sure that the plastic chin at the moment is a fairly simple and short procedure, the result of which will not be long in coming.The constant pursuit of beauty - this is perhaps the natural desire of each and every person.