Common laws networking.

Due to active use in modern humans networking opportunities, over time, a specific lexicon that users use the network for a brief notation of his actions or reducing text message.

Among other special terms now widely used word offtopic.Literally, the term means - the text message is not appropriate within the meaning of the subject or the entire website or a specific section.

Consider what offtopic in understanding users.

Most often communication takes place in various forums or in groups, which have their own rules of conduct.Communities divided into subject areas, which are involved in the discussion of users interested in a given topic.They write messages to each other and exchange views.

man who wrote offtopic, locates in a particular subject information does not concern the subject matter.The message is not appropriate within the meaning of a given topic, that's what offtopic.

This term also includes the creation of threads in the section, which has a different thematic focus.Iein the categor

y for a discussion of the business idea, the user does not understand what is offtopic, or ignoring the laws of communication in the network, creating a theme that contains tips for knitting.

Such messages and themes make it difficult to read the information that is really interesting target audience abuse the board, and are often the reason for the termination of the dialogue between users.So we decided that this offtopic, and why it is undesirable.

Over time among members formed certain rules, so-called ethics networking.By the very definition of the word ethics, we can say that it is accepted in the community rules and manners, which are based on mutual respect between the parties to the dialogue.

Consider the conventional laws of communication among users. Act 1: Remember that dealing with the "real" person

Communication Network has some specifics, of course, your communicative object is at a distance from you, but that's no reason to insult a person or the use of aggressive tone.It is advisable to contact the other party to you, regardless of the profile of his age.

Act 2: Focus on the rules adopted in the community

Each group has its own rules and values ​​is unlikely to members of the community will be pleased to read the rough reviews, contrary to their views and outlook.Before starting the discussion, take a look at the forum, read the rules and message, try to understand that it is accepted in the community, and what actions will be interpreted as a mauvais ton.

Act 3: Do not place the network unverified information

Somewhere heard, not fully understood the information placed in cyberspace, can spread with great speed among users and made a lot of noise, and sometimes lead to trouble for breachthe current legislation.So be careful in their statements, do not add any information that will not be able to confirm later.

Act 4: Try not to break the law

item concerns the propaganda prohibited in most forums and sites: the popularization of drugs, pornography, advertising, posting excerpts and quotes from extremist sources prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation.

Of course, the ethics of social networking is not limited to the listed rules.The main thing you need to remember when communicating on the network, it is the need to respect the same rules of conduct that are accepted in ordinary life