World Tanks From 1939 to 1970


in September 1939, when the German army invaded Poland, it has not yet adopted the ideas of General Heinz Guderian, who lay in mass use of tanks in the war.Armoured Wehrmacht was then tankettes of such vehicles, which are more suitable for the training of crews.But before you start the invasion of France in May 1940, the Germans made great achievements in the training and reorganization of tank production, including also the numerical superiority of the new tanks weighing up to 23 tons and a speed of up to 24 miles / h, and with larger caliber guns with37 mm Panzer III and 75 mm Panzer IV.To combat with the Soviet Union, and it is effective against their T-34 tanks, the Germans have developed resistance to a perfect machine.This is the "Panther" - medium tank, probably the best German tank, which weighed about 50 tons in later versions, and with speeds up to 28 miles / h.Equips "Panther" 75-mm cannon.

By 1942, the Germans rolled out a new world tank - "Tiger", which challenges the establi

shed notions of tank warfare.Despite the problems in the agility, efficiency and speed, this provides extraordinary heavy tank armor protection and firepower with 88-mm cannon.The speed of the tank Tiger lying within 23 miles / h on roads and 12 miles / h on rough terrain, and the weight was 63 tons.


In the United States, at the beginning of the Second World War, the tank M4 Sherman medium tank replaced uncomfortable Grant / Lee, to become a major US war machine.More than 45,000 of these reliable, durable and versatile Sherman medium tanks were produced for the US Army, as well as Great Britain and the Soviet Union.Early model Sherman weighed 33 tons, had a speed of 23 miles / hour, and was armed with 75-mm cannon.Subsequent changes in the project A-3 to increase the weight of 35 tons and a speed of up to 29 miles / h, and the caliber of guns to 76.2 mm.Sherman tank does not correspond to the individual, not only a German tank, but also all the tanks of the world, because they used gasoline instead of diesel fuel, which makes them highly explosive machines.The rest of the world tanks were in this respect more pazharostoykimi.However, despite this, Sherman tanks were very successful and reliable machines, since their mass production.In various modifications Shermans were used in the United States in the Korean War and the Israel Defense Forces during the Six Day War in 1967.Then on "Super Sherman" has been installed 105-mm gun.

United States came to the design of the new tank is different.Major US tanks M-48 (1952) and M-60 (1960) donated lightweight and silhouette in favor of the excellent 105-mm weapons systems and reliability.M60A - this is the third version, which weighed 57 tons and reached 30 miles / h.


In 1945, the British made a remarkable tank on the basis of their own experience of the war.It was the Centurion, who clearly was the basis of British armored forces in almost a quarter century.This tank has been known for its reliability and has proven itself in combat in the Korean War.On Centurion sets the 17-pound cannon, and all were made thirteen versions of the tank;the latter has been manufactured in Israel.He was voted the world's best tank general purpose in the West in the 1950s and 1960s.Final version of the Israeli armored vehicles weighing 54 tonnes, was allocated 105-mm cannon and developed 21 miles per hour.


Design Soviet heavy tank IS-3 has made "revollyutsiyu" in 1945.The project, which eventually turned into a heavy Tacna T-10, in 1950.Its construction allowed the weight of 51 tons at 23 miles per hour and armament 122 mm gun.During the Cold War, stylish and low-profile design of the tank IS-3 was immortalized West German Leopard, French AMX 30 tank and British Chieftain.Many of the world tanks were taken as a basis for the exterior design of the JS-3.The same tower design is characteristic of the Councils of medium tanks, growing from 1950 to 1970, for example, T-54/55, T-62, T-64 and T-80.Further weight increased from 42 to 46 tons, the rate of 31 to 46 miles / hour and caliber weapons from 100 mm to 114 mm.And on the T-64 and T-80 was set 125 mm gun.